Division 9 Ebook Page 64 QuietZoneŽ Acoustic Batts with PureFiberŽ Technology

QuietZone Acoustic Batts with PureFiber Technology PART 3 - EXECUTION 3.1 EXAMINATION A. Verification of Conditions: Examine installation location and conditions under which work is to be performed. Do not proceed until satisfactory conditions are achieved. 3.2 INSTALLATION A. Install products in accordance with manufacturer's written instructions and in proper relationship with adjacent construction, including the following. 1. Friction-fit batts to fill entire height and width of stud cavity. 2. Cut insulation to fit around penetrations, including outlets, junction boxes and other irregularities. Do not place insulation within 3 inches of light fixtures or similar electrical devices unless device is labeled for contact with insulation. 3. Install unfaced insulation only between wood framing and masonry chimneys. Do not use unfaced or faced insulation in spaces around metal chimneys, fireplaces or flues. 4. Protect batts from damage until interior finish is applied. END OF SECTION 2014 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved.

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