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Product Data Sheet QuietZone Acoustic Sealant Premium acrylic-based acoustic sealant designed to seal openings in Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Doors and Windows Owens Corning QuietZone acoustic sealant is an effective way to reduce sound transmission between rooms and can even help reduce noise coming in around exterior doors and windows and stop air infiltration. Product Benefits: Differentiate the homes you build with increased noise control for quieter, more peaceful living use one sealant for air infiltration and noise Increase sales potential by offering unique up-sell options Help to enhance your image by positioning yourself as an acoustic solutions expert Save homeowners time and money by suggesting noise control prior to new home construction compared to retrofitting at a later date Product Attributes: QuietZone acoustic sealant features these properties: 50-year guarantee Available in convenient 29 ounce tubes Premium siliconized acrylic sealant Class A Flame Spread Non-hardening for the lifetime of the installed product Acoustically engineered to block sound vibrations Blocks air infiltration Mildew and water-resistant Superior adhesion - can be applied to a variety of different surfaces Paintable Quick clean-up with water Retains acoustic properties over time Interior and exterior sealant applications Product Applications QuietZone acoustic sealant produces a flexible, acoustic seal. The product should be used to fill and seal all gaps in wall, floor, and ceilings to reduce noise transmission and stop air infiltration. Applications include: Gaps between wall stud plates and the subfloor Around electrical outlets and boxes Around air ducts and boots Around doors and windows Any other miscellaneous wall, ceiling and floor penetrations or gaps QuietZone Noise Control Systems Install QuietZone Noise Control Products to form Systems that meet individual needs. Using Quiet Retreat Noise Control Solutions, which includes QuietZone acoustic wall framing, QuietZone acoustic sealant, QuietZone acoustic floor mat and QuietZone acoustic batts, can provide walls and floors with superior noise isolation properties. Wall performance can range from Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 39 for walls constructed using QuietZone acoustic sealant, standard wood studs, and QuietZone acoustic batts, up to STC 63 for walls incorporating QuietZone acoustic sealant, QuietZone acoustic wall framing, and QuietZone acoustic batts. The result is a reduction in perceived noise levels from 30% and up to 80%, when compared with uninsulated conventional wood stud wall assemblies. Similarly, floors constructed using QuietZone acoustic sealant, QuietZone acoustic floor mat and QuietZone acoustic batts can result in floors ranging in performance from STC 43 up to STC 73. and in addition these floors would have Impact Isolation Class (IIC) of 37 through to IIC 63.

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