Division 9 Ebook Page 163 EcoTouch® Fiberglas’ Insulation with PureFiber® Technology Product Data Sheet

EcoTouch PINK FIBERGLAS Insulation with PureFiber Technology Product Data Sheet effective moisture/humidity control. Repair any punctures or tears in the facing by taping. Follow the tape manufacturer's application recommendations. Insulation installed too close to light fixtures may affect the luminaire's performance. Do not install insulation on top of or within 3" of recessed light fixtures unless the fixtures are approved for such use. This is a requirement of the National Electrical Code. Due to the potential for skin irritation, EcoTouch Unfaced Insulation should not be used for exposed applications where it will be subject to human contact. Installation Between Wood Studs/Rafters EcoTouch Insulation fits between studs. If required, the flanges can be stapled to either the face or the side of the stud every 8-12" to prevent gaping or "fishmouthing" of the vapor retarder. EcoTouch Unfaced insulation can be friction-fit between studs after the cover material has been installed on one side of the cavity. Use wire or metal straps to hold insulation in place in applications without a cover material, or where the insulation does not fill the depth of the cavity. Cathedral ceiling products (R3OC and R38C) are intended to be friction-fit between rafters. Cathedral ceiling insulation should be installed to provide a minimum 1" ventilation passageway between the roof deck and insulation. (See Figure 1) It is recommended to use a vent baffle to assure proper clearance. Between Metal Studs EcoTouch Insulation can be friction-fit in place until the interior finish is applied. Insulation should fill the cavity and the wall should eventually be closed on both sides. (See Figure 2) In areas where it will be applied in heights over 8', use wire or metal straps to hold the product in place until the interior finish is applied. When faced insulation is used, the attachment flanges may be taped to the face of the metal stud prior to applying the interior finish. Wire or metal straps should also be used to hold the product in place in applications without a cover material or where the stud depth is larger than the insulation thickness. Furring Strips EcoTouch Insulation can be applied between furring strips, hat channels, or Z-shaped furring in areas where a finish surface will be installed. Contact the furring strip manufacturer for appropriate fastening system. Caution: FIBERGLAS insulation may cause temporary irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved clothing, gloves and eye protection when handling and applying the material. Wash with soap and warm water after handling. Wash work clothes separately and wipe out washer. 1" Ventilation Passageway Figure 1 Figure 2

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