Division 9 Ebook Page 155 QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat Product Data Sheet

Installation Instructions QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat IMPORTANT : For proper acoustic isolation, QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat must be laid on a clean, dry and level surface covering the entire floor area with the mat turned up at each wall and should be installed after the drywall has been applied. A gypsum concrete or two-layer plywood raft is installed to "float" on top of the floor mat and provide a rigid surface for finished flooring. Excellent Acoustical Performance QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat, composed of a lightweight, closed cell, extruded polyethylene foam, is acoustically engineered to isolate sound vibrations and impact noises. Wall performance will also increase, as flanking noise will be reduced. Commercial applications, such as hotel rooms, conference rooms and condominiums as well as residential applications like home theaters or laundry rooms are ideal areas for noise control treatment. Durable Material Composition QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat has exceptional compressive strength, while also being resilient enough to absorb impact vibrations. It will retain its acoustic properties over time while also being resistant to moisture, mold and fungus. Fast, High Quality Installation QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat is lightweight, easy to cut and install. Installed beneath 1 " gypsum concrete or a double layer of 3 8" exterior-grade plywood and finished flooring, QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat isolates and minimizes structure-borne noise from transferring to adjacent areas or rooms. Refer to product packaging for complete installation instructions. Typical Physical Properties Property Test Method Value Compressive Strength, Vertical Direction ASTM D 3575 93 Suffix D @ 25%/50% 720/1800 (psf) Compression Set (50% deflection requires a loading of 1800 psf) ASTM D 3575 93 Suffix B 19% (81% Recovery) Nominal Density ASTM C 303 2.2 (pcf) Water Absorption ASTM D 3575 93 Suffix L <0.1 (psf) Thermal Resistance R-Value ASTM C 518 85 1.3 (HrFt. 2 F/BTU) Surface Burning Charateristics Flame Spread Smoke Developed ASTM E 84 1 20 50 1 ASTM E84 is a standard used to measure and describe the properties of materials, products or assemblies in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions using proper construction techniques and assembly. Improper installation can adversely affect fire performance. Technical Data Property Test Method Material Polyethylene foam with an anti-static agent Package Form Roll Length 35 ft. Width 4 ft. Area 140 Sq. Ft. Thickness 3 8 in. (9.5mm) Roll Diameter 14 in. Roll Weight 10.25 lbs. Specification Sound rated floor material shall be 3 8 " (9.5mm) thick closed cell polyethylene foam with an anti-static agent. The sound rated material shall be QuietZone Acoustic Floor mat as supplied by Owens Corning.

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