Division 9 Ebook Page 151 QuietZoneŽ Acoustic Wall Framing Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet QuietZone Acoustic Batts Owens Corning QuietZone acoustic batts are an essential part of controlling noise transmission between rooms. The QuietZone acoustic batt actually absorbs sound vibrations within the wall cavity to control noise in the home. QuietZone acoustic batts help reduce noise transmission coming from laundry rooms, entertainment rooms, family rooms and any other area where noise is created. It can also be used to create privacy in home offices, master bedrooms or other areas where peace and quiet is desired. Excellent Acoustical Performance QuietZone acoustic batts provide excellent in-place acoustical performance. Depending on the construction method used, QuietZone acoustic batts can improve Sound Transmission Class ratings by 4 to 10 dBs. Installation advantages can help a contractor achieve the acoustical performance desired. The STC performance data for various wall constructions can be found on pages 3 and 4. Durable Composition QuietZone acoustic batts: Are dimensionally stable. Will not slump over time. Are composed of inorganic glass fibers which do not absorb water. Maintain original acoustic properties over time. Will not rot or mildew. Product Benefits: Differentiate the homes you build with increased performance. Increase sales by offering unique up-sell options. Provide homeowners with quieter, more peaceful living conditions. Enhance your image by positioning yourself as an acoustic solutions expert. Save homeowners time and money by suggesting noise control prior to new home construction compared to retrofitting at a later date. Product Attributes QuietZone acoustic batts are: Acoustically engineered to absorb sound vibrations. Installed between interior walls, floors, and ceilings when constructed of standard wood framing members. Lightweight and pre-cut to 93" or 105" lengths for quick installation and easy transportation. Faced batts are easily identified by attractive, PINK-kraft facing featuring large images of the PINK PANTHER. Easily stapled and cleanly fabricated to allow for improved workmanship and acoustical performance. Compliant with building codes and standards. Product Installation QuietZone acoustic batts are designed for interior cavities only and are not recommended for exterior walls. The facing on this product is provided for ease of installation and is not a vapor retarder. Insulation must fit snugly into place, filling the cavity completely. Staple batts along kraft flanges to the inside of the wall framing. In cases where wall penetrations apply, cut with a utility knife to fit around wiring, outlets, junction boxes, pipes and other obstructions. For desired performance, keep batts dry during shipping, storage and installation. QuietZone acoustic batts may be installed with the facing toward either side of interior walls, floors, or ceilings in conventional wood stud construction.

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