Division 9 Ebook Page 146 Eurospan® Wall Fabric Maintenance Cleaning Guide

EuroSpan Fabric 1. Preventive Measures: Wear clean protective gloves or have clean hands when working around or with Eurospan fabric. Trained and qualified personnel should perform installation or removal of fabric for access. 2. General Maintenance: Periodic brushing or light vacuuming of the Eurospan fabric is recommended for removal of loose dust and airborne particles. Blowing off with clean compressed air also works well and reduces the chance of pushing particles into the fabric. 3. Stain Removal: The fiber used in the Eurospan fabric allows the use of both water-based and solvent-based cleaning agents. A product such as Clorox "OxiMagic" has been reported to work very well. A special "Dry Cleaning Sponge" works well on most light stains. These sponges are shipped with each Eurospan order. For large and unusual stains, or for overall cleaning, contact a reputable professional cleaning service. Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

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