Division 9 Ebook Page 133 SelectSound’ Black Acoustic Blanket Data/Submittal Sheet

Product Data Sheet SELECTSOUND BLACK ACOUSTIC BLANKET OUTSTANDING ACOUSTICAL PERFORMANCE SelectSound Black acoustic blanket provides excellent acoustical performance for walls in multiplex theaters, sound studios and performing arts centers. SelectSound Black acoustic blanket is also ideal for use above suspended metal ceiling systems. Depending on specified thickness, SelectSound Black acoustic blanket absorbs up to 80% of the sound striking its surface. SelectSound Black acoustic blanket helps provide the highest quality audio reproduction by reducing sound reverberation within spaces. Sound transfer from space to space is also noticeably reduced. DURABLE MATERIAL COMPOSITION SelectSound Black acoustic blanket is dimensionally stable and will not shrink or warp. The blanket's resilient composition resists job-site damage. Composed of a mix of glass fibers, SelectSound Black acoustic blanket will not rot or mildew and is noncorrosive to steel, copper and aluminum. As manufactured, fiber glass insulation is resistant to mold growth, however, mold growth can occur on building materials, including insulation, when it becomes contaminated with organic material and when water is present. To avoid mold growth on fiber glass insulation, remove any water that has accumulated and correct or repair the source of the water as soon as possible. Insulation that has become wet should be inspected for evidence of residual moisture and contamination, and any insulation that is contaminated should be promptly removed and replaced. FAST, HIGH QUALITY INSTALLATION This wider product improves job site productivity and requires less seams. Lightweight and resilient, SelectSound Black acoustic blanket is easy to handle, fabricate and install. Both stick pins and adhesives can be used to secure insulation to drywall, concrete block or precast concrete. SIZE AVAILABILITY SelectSound Black acoustic blanket is available in standard thicknesses of 1" and 2". A 1 " thickness is available through special order. The 1" and 1 " product is available in 72" W x 70' L rolls, while the 2" product is available in a 72" W x 50' L roll. ALL BLACK FIBER WITH BLACK MAT FINISH SelectSound Black acoustic blanket is an all black fiber product with a black mat surface. It is excellent for eliminating light reflections while providing outstanding acoustical performance. DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Acoustical performance of interior surfaces can generally be improved by increasing product thickness. SelectSound Black acoustic blanket can be specified for use in conjunction with other Owens Corning acoustical material to provide additional performance. APPLICABLE STANDARDS SelectSound Black acoustic blanket complies with the property requirements of ASTM C 553, Type III, 250F maximum use temperature. The noise reduction coefficients of SelectSound Black acoustic blanket were derived from tests conducted in accordance with ASTM C 423 on a Type A mounting. Meets New York City MEA No.306-03-M. Typical Physical Properties Property Test Method Value Water Vapor Sorption (by weight) ASTM C 1104 <3% by weight at 120F (49C), 95% R.H. Fungi Resistance ASTM C 1338 Meets Requirement Corrosiveness ASTM C 665 Corrosiveness Test Will not cause corrosion greater than that caused by sterile cotton on aluminum or steel 1 Surface Burning Characteristics Flame Spread Smoke Developed UL723 2 , or CAN/ ULC-S102-M 2 25 2 50 Maximum Air Velocity UL 181 Erosion Test 6,000 fpm (30.5 m/sec.) 1 When wet, coated surfaces in contact with galvanized steel may cause discolor- ation of the sheet metal. 2 The surface burning characteristics of these products have been determined in accordance with UL 723 and CAN/ULC-S102-M. These standards should be used to measure and describe the properties of materials, products or assemblies in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions and should not be used to describe or appraise the fire hazard or fire risk of materials, products or assemblies under actual fire conditions. However, results of this test may be used as elements of a fire risk assessment which takes into account all of the factors which are pertinent to an assessment of the fire hazard of a particular end use. Values are reported to the nearest 5 rating.

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