Division 9 Ebook Page 130 Wall and Ceiling Cleaning & Maintenance

General Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning and Maintenance includes: x Fabric panels x Painted finishes x Copoly finishes x Gel Coat finishes The following are guidelines given in good faith to help avoid common errors. They are not in- tended to be a step-by-step list of instructions or a checklist, and it is assumed the user has general cleaning knowledge. Conwed Designscape Wall Technology bears no responsibility for any cleaning or maintenance actions taken or not taken, and is not responsible for cleaning per- sonnel selection. For fabric and painted finishes including Gel Coat , general maintenance for dust removal is light brushing or vacuuming. Fingerprints and light soiling can often be removed using a commercial- ly-available dry chemical sponge. Also, an art gum eraser has been successfully used to re- move fingerprints, dust and grime. For more vigorous treatments on fabric-covered panels, the fabric manufacturer should be consulted . Most polyester fabrics clean well by sponging with the foam from a mild detergent or upholstery shampoo, followed by rinsing with a clean sponge. Other cleaning agents, including solvent-based cleaners can be used to remove spotting, how- ever first pre-test in an unseen area. For Copoly finishes such as the Metro Rebound panel, remove staining materials quickly to min- imize possible permanent stain. For ordinary dirt and smudges use mild soap and warm water; clean from the bottom up and rinse often. Do not saturate the panel. Use a soft lint-free cloth to dry. Do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaners. If a stronger cleaner is required, try Formula 409, Lestoil or Fantastik. As suggested above, first pre-test in an unseen area. For Gel Coat Touch-up , clean area with rubbing alcohol. Match the color with a latex paint and apply sparingly using a small art brush. Always pre-test in an unseen area. Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

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