Division 9 Ebook Page 122 Splines: Wall and Ceiling

Installation Instructions SPLINES WALL & CEILING MOUNTING The following are guidelines given in good faith to help avoid common errors. They are not intended to be a step-by-step list of instructions or a checklist, and it is assumed the installer has general construction knowledge. Conwed Designscape Wall Technology bears no responsibility for any installation actions taken or not taken, and is not responsible for installer selection. INSPECTION Freight Damage: Inspect cartons for obvious damage before accepting and note on delivery ticket. Concealed Damage: Notify Conwed Designscape Wall Technology of any concealed damage within 5 business days of receipt. Claims beyond 5 days will be honored at the discretion of Conwed Designscape Wall Technology or the freight company. Do not install panels of unacceptable quality. Contact your area representative immediately. Conwed Designscape Wall Technology will not be responsible for installation or removal costs of unacceptable panels. HANDLING AND STORAGE Handle individual panels 'on edge' to avoid bending when moving and carrying. Store panels on a flat, dry, solid surface. Do not store on edge. Take necessary measures to keep panels dry, clean and free from dust. Pay special attention to edges. WALL OPTIONS The majority of spline attachment is done directly to drywall often in combination with adhesive. One common option is to run horizontal firing strips to even-up wall surfaces and to increase the acoustical absorption of the wall panel assembly. PLANNING THE INSTALL 1. Review the materials list supplied by Conwed Designscape Wall Technology (Plant Order) and any drawings. Carefully determine the starting position of the first panel. 2. Snap lines on wall both vertically and horizontally keeping lines plumb and square. 3. Many installers attach a standard wall angle or wood nailer to the bottom of the panel run, unless the panels are resting on the floor. A fabric-covered wall angle can be supplied. INSTALLING THE FIRST PANEL The first option shown is to cut the short webs from a standard spline to create a starter spline. Using #6 sheet rock screws, or other appropriate fasteners, attach to wall surface. Common screw spacing is approximately 12 inches apart. As an option, use adhesive along a corner as shown. High quality wall mastics such as Liquid Nails PL200, Chemrex 200 and others have been successfully used. The goal is to attach the fabric to the wall surface. Also, adhesive can skin over quickly; therefore apply and mount quickly. f ll d l d f h h l d Th

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