Division 9 Ebook Page 113 Access Ceiling System

ACCESS CEILING SYSTEM Spacer Bars are installed about every 4' and are staggered. Note: perimeter Spacer Bars are shorter! Saddle Clip spacing must match spring placement on panels. 5. Install Spacer Bars and Saddle Clips a. Transfer the spacing of the Spring Retainer Clips on the panels to the grid and apply Saddle Clips. b. Install Spacer Bars as shown. Note: When working around ceiling obstructions, the Spring Retainer Clips and Saddle Clips can be moved when necessary. 6. Hang each panel from one side by securing the Torsion Springs into the Saddle Clips. Note that interior panels and perimeter panels hang from opposite sides of the Saddle Clip! Interior panel is shown in a hanging position Perimeter panel is shown in a hanging position. Note Perimeter grid Engage! Push Up In The Middle Of A Panel Side Between The Grid Mains All Torsion Springs attached 7. Swing the panel to a horizontal position and attach the remaining springs. Engage as shown. Common practice is to install one row at a time. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

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