Division 9 Ebook Page 112 Access Ceiling System

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ACCESS CEILING SYSTEM SYSTEM INSTALLATION 1. Review layout drawings and determine location of hardware. Panels are labeled on the back to correspond with installation drawings. 2. Hang Grid Mains using methods for standard grid (ASTM C 636). A minimum of one (1) wire every 4' along grid mains is recommended, follow local codes. 3. Install Grid Connectors as required at grid joints. Fasten onto the web of the grid joint with 2 self tapping screws (below). Best Practice Keep wires plumb to Grid Mains Install Grid Connectors at the web or thin part of the grid 4. Install Spring Retainer Clips and Torsion Springs a. On the long side of the panel (unless otherwise specified) apply 1 spring on each end as shown. Add additional springs (and center) depending on length: More then 36" add 1, more than 60" add 2, more than 84" add 3, more than 108" add 4 (total of 6 springs per side, or 12 per panel). b. If the panel has a return on one end, add an additional spring near the return. c. Note that spring hardware positioning is flexible; however do not use less than the recommended amount of springs! Torsion Spring fits tight against corner gusset

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