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ENCLOSURE SOLUTIONS FAQs 2 5. What if there are no tested or listed perimeter fire containment systems that match my project's design? A: Most of the time listed assemblies do not always match real-world situations. If there are no tested assemblies for a particular design, the manufacturer or an independent 3rd party testing lab such as UL or Intertek or a 3rd party fire protection engineering firm can evaluate the design and issue an engineering judgment. EJ's are basically interpolations of previously tested systems that are similar in nature. And really it is up to the AHJ on whether they will accept an EJ. The IFC (International Firestop Council) has published recommended guidelines for evaluating and providing EJ for firestopping systems. 1. All-phase consultation. You need an engineering judgment, accurate CAD drawings or a knowledge base of building codes and insulation application techniques. 2. High-Performance Products. You need insulation that withstands the highest heat for the longest time - prioritizing life safety while saving energy and reducing sound. 3. Cost-Saving Insulation Hanger Systems. You're frustrated with impaling pins and want a method that makes insulation positioning fast, and accurate by locking fire barriers into place. 4. Labor-Saving Customization and Packaging. You have better uses for your time and labor than cutting insulation into special sizes and shapes and ensuring that the right pieces get to the right places. 6. What other options do Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems provide? A: Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems includes additional options to use key wall system components from a variety of manufacturers that provide options for water drainage, cladding anchors, fire resistance and containment, and air and water resistance. Also provided are key CAD and BIM files and other helpful and educational documentation. Steel Stud & Concrete Masonry Unit Backup Walls 7. What types of exterior cladding can be used with Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems? A: Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems can utilize multiple cladding types including brick and CMU masonry veneer, stone, precast concrete, stucco, terracotta, and ACM, MCM and HDL panels. Owens Corning provides FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene and/or Thermafiber RainBarrier 45 mineral wool continuous insulation in a variety of thicknesses and R-values designed to provide the right properties for use with dozens of air/weather barriers and virtually any exterior cladding material. 8. What is the best source for key design guidance for steel stud and CMU structural backup walls? A: Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems are based on NFPA 285 compliance. Follow the simple Owens Corning NFPA 285 Design Guide to choose from dozens of wall system combinations and be assured that your system will comply with multiple codes and standards.

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