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ENCLOSURE SOLUTIONS FAQs 1 Frequently Asked Questions For Steel Stud and CMU Backup, and for Permeter Fire Containment 1. What are Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems? A: Enclosure Solutions are wall systems with assured and documented performance yet with flexibility to choose from a variety of components. They are a variety of commercial wall systems that are fully documented for code compliance providing the architect with a wide array of structural backup and cladding options, making specification more efficient, performance more reliable and missing a critical detail less likely. With energy codes requiring increasing amounts of continuous insulation and air/weather barriers, and with the variety of cladding materials used today including glass curtain walls, getting the right combination of materials and fire containment details that comply with codes is always a concern. Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions make it easier to specify a wide array of systems that comply. 2. What are the key components of the Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems? A: The key components are continuous insulation and air/weather barriers. Based on NFPA 285 compliance, Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems are steel stud and CMU backed wall systems that use Owens Corning FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene and/or Thermafiber RainBarrier 45 mineral wool insulation as continuous insulation, coupled with dozens of air/weather resistive barrier products from multiple manufacturers from which to choose, making it easy to find a system that meets your design needs and to comply with critical building and energy codes and standards. When specialized details like perimeter fire containment joints are required, Enclosure Solutions can provide those details as well using Owens Corning Thermafiber Safing Insulation, FireSpan 90 and FireSpan 40 wall insulation and mullion covers and Thermafiber Impasse Hangers for correct & efficient installation. 3. What are the base standards that are met by using the Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems? A: Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems provide the documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with critical codes and standards including NFPA 285 (fire propagation resistance), ASTM E119 (structural fire resistance) and ASTM E2307 (perimeter fire containment). ASTM E2357 (resistance to air leakage) and ASTM E331 (resistance to water leakage) are provided from testing available from the dozens of air/weather barrier products that are NFPA 285 approved for use in the Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems. 4. I have heard about CavityComplete Wall Systems but I'd rather use a different air/weather barrier or cladding/ fastener system. Do I have options? A: Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems are an alternative to CavityComplete . CavityComplete is a portfolio of high performance masonry veneer wall assemblies, a collaboration between five well known manufacturers. CavityComplete Wall Systems are highly documented for many aspects of code compliance, compatibility, sustainability, regional design recommendations, and are jointly warranted by the five CavityComplete component manufacturers. With Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems the warranty coverage is reduced, but the interchangeability of systems and components is increased while maintaining high levels of documentation and design/specification assistance.

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