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INSULATION SYSTEMS FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS PAGE 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW Page 2 FIBERGLAS INSULATION ECOTOUCH THERMAL BATT INSULATION Flexible fiberglass insulation batts for a wide range of wall and roof/ceiling applications are available unfaced or faced with kraft or foil vapor retarders in thicknesses from 3" to 12" and R-values from 11 to 38. Page 4 ECOTOUCH FLAME SPREAD 25/FLAME SPREAD 25 EXTENDED FLANGES A light-density, flexible batt insulation for use in walls, ceilings and floors where insulation will be left exposed or where a low flame spread FSK or PSK vapor retarder is needed. R-values range from 11 to 30. Page 5 SOUND ATTENUATION BATT INSULATION Lightweight, flexible glass fiber insulation batts in standard metal framing widths and thicknesses from 2" to 3". Sound Attenuation Batts are designed to control noise in interior partitions. Page 6 SONOBATTS INSULATION Flexible, glass fiber insulation batts with R-values from 11 to 38 for economical noise control and thermal performance in ceiling systems. Page 8 CURTAINWALL INSULATION Designed to provide excellent thermal properties in curtainwall spandrel systems, Curtainwall Insulation/CW 225 is a semirigid fiberglass insulation available unfaced or with an FSK facing in thicknesses from 1" to 4". Page 9 FIBERGLAS 700 SERIES INSULATION Flexible, semirigid and rigid rectangular boards of varying densities and thicknesses or unfaced with FSK or ASJ facings. Each series has thermal, acoustical and physical properties which suit them to a variety of specific construction applications. Page 10 FOAMULAR EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE (XPS) INSULATION Extruded polystyrene rigid foam insulation with stable, high insulating values and excellent moisture resistance. An integral skin and the closed-cell nature of the material eliminate the need for facers. Page 12 ELAMINATOR METAL BUILDING INSULATION SYSTEM The ELAMINATOR Insulation System installs ELAMINATOR Insulation with patented machines on metal building roofs with 300 Series machines providing safety solutions for fall protection. Page 14 CERTIFIED R METAL BUILDING INSULATION Certified R Metal Building Insulation is laminated with specified facings to provide insulation for metal building walls and roofs. Page 15 APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS Installing insulation for thermal and acoustical performance, health aspects and applicable standards. Page 16 ENVIRONMENTAL AND SUSTAINABILITY Page 21 ATTACHMENT SYSTEMS Page 22 GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS Page 23 INDUSTRY STANDARDS Page 24 TABLE OF CONTENTS INSULATION SYSTEMS FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS

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