Division 7 Ebook Page 577 Steel Stud Structural Fire Resistance ASTM E119 Tech Bulletin

Technical Bulletin SS-03 ENCLOSURE SOLUTIONS Technical Bulletin SS-03 Use of Tables 2a and 2b Select the appropriate class air/water barrier system for the project need: Table 2a for Class I vapor retarding performance Table 2b for Class II or III vapor retarding performance Definitions: (International Building Code, Section 1405.3.3, Material Vapor Retarder Class) Vapor Permeable Membranes have a water vapor permeance rating of 5 perms or greater when tested in accordance with ASTM E96, dessicant method, Procedure A. Vapor Retarding Membranes limit the amount of water vapor that passes through a material when tested in accordance with ASTM E96, dessicant method, Procedure A. Permeance Classifications are defined as follows: Class I: 0.1 perm Class II: > 0.1 perm 1.0 perm Class III: > 1.0 perm 10 perm The tables are also organized by type of system, either fluid applied, mechanically attached sheet, or self adhering sheet. Refer to the membrane manufacturer for specific product specifications, technical data, and installation instructions.* For additional air/water barrier code compliance information consult the following references: International Building Code, Section 1404.2, Water Resistive Barrier ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low Rise Residential Buildings, Section, (Air Barrier Design) Acceptable Materials and Assemblies International Energy Conservation Code, Section C-402., Assemblies (Air Barrier Compliance Options) Table 2a, Class I Vapor Retarder* Fluid-Applied Membranes BASF Carlisle Grace Construction Products Henry Henry Hohmann & Barnard Polyguard Products PROSOCO Tremco W.R. Meadows Enershield I Barritech NP Perm-A-Barrier NPL Air-Bloc 32MR Air-Bloc 21FR (used as an adhesive for rigid insulation) Air-Bloc 33MR Enviro-Barrier Airlok Flex R-Guard VB ExoAir 130 Air-Shield LSR Mechanically Attached Sheet Membranes NA Self-Adhered Sheet Membranes Carlisle 3M Grace Construction Products Henry Henry CCW-705FR Self-Adhered Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 Perm-A-Barrier Aluminum Wall Metal Clad Foilskin

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