Division 7 Ebook Page 567 Steel Stud Air Leakage and Water Resistance ASTM E2357 and ASTM E331 Tech Bulletin

Technical Bulletin SS-03 ENCLOSURE SOLUTIONS Technical Bulletin SS-02 Air Leakage and Water Resistance ASTM E2357, AC71, and AATC Test Method 127 Scope Statement The Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall System for Steel Stud with Masonry Veneer has the option to use FOAMULAR 250 XPS as the air and water resistive barrier system. In ASTM E2357 testing the system was subjected to thousands of positive/negative pressure cycles simulating wind/structural/ thermal movement stress testing of the durability of the air barrier assembly. The system was tested in large scale simulations of both unpenetrated (opaque) and penetrated wall surfaces. In ICC-ES AC 71 testing FOAMULAR XPS was subjected to UV exposure weathering tests and subsequent water-resistance tests inaccordance with AATCC Test Method 127 to qualify as a water resistant barrier. Testing ASTM E2357: Architectural testing 130 Derry Court, York, PA 17406-8405 Report #C1003.01-109.44, October 31, 2012 AC71 and AATCC Test Method 127 QAI Laboratories 8385 White Oak Avenue Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Report #RJ1390P-3, September 12, 2011 Test Methods ASTM E2357-05 Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage of Air Barrier Assemblies ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Sheathing Panels used as Water-Resistive Barriers, AC71 AATCC Test Method 127, Water Resistance, Hydrostatic Pressure Test Specimen Description E2357: Test Specimen Size: 96" x 96" (64 ft, 5.946 m) ICC ES AC 71 & AATCC Test Method 127: (3) 8" square specimens (Water Resistance + Weather Testing) (6) 3" x 6" specimens (Joint-Sealing + Weather Testing) (3) 4' x 8' wall assemblies (Water Penetration Test of Wall Assembly) Test Results Summary and Codes/ Standards Compliance Air Barrier When tested in accordance with ASTM E2357, both ASHRAE 90.1 (commercial building energy standard, Section b), and The Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA), define an air barrier assembly as having an average air leakage not to exceed 0.04 cfm/ft 2 at a pressure of 75 pa (1.57 psf). The Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall System for Steel Stud with Masonry Veneer, and FOAMULAR 250 XPS Air Barrier, as described in this technical bulletin, was tested per ASTM E2357 and successfully qualified as an air barrier assembly. After thousands of pressure loading cycles as specified in ASTM E2357 (see Table 1), the Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall System described had the air leakage rates shown in Table 2 measured at 75 pa (1.57 psf). Opaque Wall (ASTM E2357) 2x6, 18 gauge galvanized steel studs, spaced 16" o.c., 1 1/2" thick Foamular 250 XPS foam sheathing, secured with Pos-i- tie brick ties, combined with Thermal-Grip washer, spaced 16" o.c., Foam sheathing applied to create 8' horizontal seam and two 4' vertical seams in accordance with ASTM E2357 standard requirements, seams were sealed with JointSealR foam joint tape centered on the joint . Penetrated Wall (ASTM E2357) Same as the opaque wall described above except with wall penetrations prescribed by the ASTM E2357 test standard, and with all Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall System components installed. Penetrations included: 24" x 36" window opening with a 23" x 35" mock window insert (wood 2 x 4 frame, plywood, and was sealed with FlashSealR flashing tape). 4" x 4" HVAC Duct 4" x 4" square junction box 4" x 4" octagonal junction box 1-1/2" diameter PVC pipe All gaps around the penetrating items SealR Flashing Tape, the junction boxes and PVC pipe used a foam spray that complied with AAMA 812-04 around the interior of the wall.

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