Division 7 Ebook Page 56 Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions NFPA 285 Design Guide

7 ENCLOSURE SOLUTIONS NFPA 285 Accepted Complete Walls Underwriters Laboratories Listings for NON-COMBUSTIBLE HIGH MASS EXTERIOR CLADDING Many Owens Corning Enclosure Solutions Wall Systems are also listed in the Underwriters Laboratories On-Line Certifications Directory for NFPA 285 Tested Exterior Wall Systems (see Table 1a) which is an alternate to Table 1 for additional NFPA 285 approved assembly specifications. Established in 2013, the "FWFO" Exterior Wall Systems listing category at UL is relatively new, therefore the number of assemblies and products listed are limited but growing. The International Building Code (IBC) recognizes two methods for determining compliance with NFPA 285: 1. Testing at an "approved agency" in accordance with NFPA 285 which is the source of the assemblies in Table 1a and for some of the assembly options in Table 1. (See IBC Section 2603.5.5) OR, 2. Evaluation and acceptance extended via third party engineering analysis that is extrapolated based on actual testing and performance data which is the source for some of the assembly options in Table 1. (See ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Insulation (AC 12), Section 6.6)

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