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Page 12 of 13 8. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE 8.1 FOAMULAR Insulation Boards: 8.1.1 Data in accordance with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Insulation (AC12), dated June 2012. 8.1.2 Data in accordance with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Sheathing Panels used as Water Resistive Barriers (AC71), dated February 2003. 8.1.3 Reports of room corner fire tests in accordance with NFPA 286 and AC12 Appendix A and B. 8.1.4 Reports of fire propagation tests in accordance with NFPA 285. 8.1.5 Reports of air leakage resistance in accordance with ASTM E2357. 8.1.6 Reports of water penetration resistance in accordance with ASTM E331 8.1.7 UL Classification reports in accordance with ANSI/UL 723, ANSI/UL 790, ANSI/UL 1256, ANSI/UL 263 and NFPA 285. See the following UL Product Certification Categories BRYX, TGFU, TJBX, CCVW and FWFO, respectively. 8.1.6 Documentation of quality system elements described in AC10. 9. IDENTIFICATION The FOAMULAR XPS insulation boards described in this evaluation report are identified by a marking bearing the report holder's name ( Owens Corning), the plant identification, the product name, the ASTM type designation, the UL Classification Mark, and the evaluation report number UL ER8811-01. The validity of the evaluation report is contingent upon this identification appearing on the product, product unit wrap, or UL Classification Mark certificate. 10. USE OF UL EVALUATION REPORT 10.1 The approval of building products, materials or systems is under the responsibility of the applicable authorities having jurisdiction. 10.2 UL Evaluation Reports shall not be used in any manner that implies an endorsement of the product, material or system by UL. 10.3 The current status of this report, as well as a complete directory of UL Evaluation Reports may be found at UL.com via our On-Line Certifications Directory: www.ul.com/erdirectory

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