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Page 6 of 13 See Table 1b for further guidance on the intended uses of FOAMULAR XPS insulation boards 5. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The FOAMULAR XPS insulation boards are extruded polystyrene foam plastic insulation boards having a flame spread index not exceeding 25 and a smoke developed index not exceeding 450 for thicknesses up to 4 inches and at a maximum density of 3.6 pcf, when tested in accordance with UL723 (ASTM E84) as required by Section 2603.3 of the IBC or Section R316.3 of the IRC, as applicable. FOAMULAR XPS insulation boards have been found to comply with ASTM C578. The boards are manufactured at minimum densities of 1.30, 1.45, 1.80, 2.20, and 3.00 lbs/ft 3 and have ASTM C578 designations of Type X, Type IV, Type VI, Type VII, and Type V respectively. See excerpt from ASTM C578, Table 2 below for minimum thermal resistance and compressive resistance values for each ASTM C578 type. These values apply to all FOAMULAR XPS insulation boards with the exception of thermal resistance for FOAMULAR CC HIGH R and FOAMULAR HIGH R CW PLUS. Table 2 - Thermal Resistance and Compressive Resistance ASTM TYPE DENSITY, min., lb/ft 3 THERMAL RESISTANCE 1 , min., F-ft 2 -h/Btu COMPRESSIVE RESISTANCE 3 , min., psi Type X 1.30 5.0 15.0 Type IV 1.45 5.0 25.0 Type VI 1.80 5.0 40.0 Type VII 2.20 5.0 60.0 Type V 3.00 5.0 100.0 Type IV 1.45 5.6 2 25.0 1 Thermal resistance (R) values are based on tested values at 1 inch thickness and 75 o F mean temperature and must be multiplied by the installed thickness for thicknesses greater than 1 inch 2 FOAMULAR CC HIGH R and FOAMULAR HIGH R CW PLUS Insulation boards 3 Compressive Resistance values are based on yield point or 10% deformation, whichever comes first 6. INSTALLATION 6.1 General: FOAMULAR XPS insulation b oards are installed in accordance with the manufacturer's published installation instructions and this evaluation report. The manufacturer's published installation instructions and this report must be strictly adhered to, and a copy of the instructions shall be available on the jobsite during installation. FOAMULAR XPS insulation boards must be attached to the structure in a manner that will hold the insulation securely in place. The insulation boards must not be used structurally to resist transverse, vertical or in-plane loads except as described in Section 6.8 of this report. The boards must not be used as exterior stud wall bracing. Wall bracing must be provided in accordance with the applicable code. All

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