Division 7 Ebook Page 550 UL Evaluation Report

Page 3 of 13 Table 1a - Foamular XPS Insulation Properties Evaluated Foamular Product Name Physical Properties Surface Burning Roofing Systems for Exterior Fire Exposure Roof Deck Const. for Interior Fire Exposure Flammability Testing for Use in Attics and Crawl Spaces Exterior Commercial Walls Special Approval Fire Resistance Air Leakage Water Penetration ASTM C578 Type UL 723 UL 790 UL 1256 AC12 NFPA 285 NFPA 286 ASTM E119 ASTM E2357 ASTM E331 150 X 250 IV 400 VI 600 VII 1000 V Insulating Sheathing X Propink X Half Inch X Insulpink X Insulpink Z X CC X CW15 X CW25 IV Thermapink 18 X Thermapink 25 IV Thermapink 40 VI Thermapink 60 VII C-200 X C-300 IV 350 IV 404 VI 604 VII 404RB VI 604RB VII Durapink IV Durapink FA IV Durapink Plus IV LT30 IV LT40 VI Pinkcore IV AgTek IV CC High R IV High R CW Plus IV

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