Division 7 Ebook Page 540 FOAMULARŪ XPS Insulation Resisting Water Absorption (Comparing Types of Rigid Foam Plastic Insulation)

Technical Bulletin FOAMULAR Extruded Polystrene Insulation Resisting Water Absorption, the Key for High Performance Foam Plastic Rigid Insulation Figure 8 shows the predicted amount of time at dew point or below on the interior face of OSB sheathing, for a wall with R13 batt insulation, with and without an interior vapor retarder, and, with and without R-3 insulating sheathing. Figure 9 shows the time at dew point is further reduced if sheathing R is increased from 3 to 10. The data shows that, across almost all climate conditions, walls with insulating sheathing are warmer, therefore spending less time at or below dew point temperature. Therefore, they are less likely to experience moisture accumulation problems. Both Figure 8 and 9 show the dramatic reduction in dew point occurrence if an interior vapor retarder is used to significantly slow the rate of vapor permeation into the wall. It is clear from both Figures that, for a properly designed wall, foam plastic insulating sheathing is not a "double vapor barrier" likely to cause moisture accumulation problems. The opposite is true. A given wall, in a given climate, is less likely to have moisture accumulation problems if foam plastic insulating sheathing is used. Ask Questions. Compare Properties. Understand Building Science. This bulletin demonstrates the importance of asking questions to insure that published properties are directly comparable, and to understand the relationship of properties to building science. It is important to identify the test methods used to measure properties and if the methods are not identical, ask about the differences. Moisture and Insulation in Construction Moisture gets into all types of buildings. Unless the building insulation is highly resistant to water absorption, moisture can degrade insulation R-value, structural integrity, and provide an essential ingredient to support mold growth. Whether it is a home, a commercial retail building, a school building, an office or a freezer building, absorbed moisture is to be avoided to achieve sustainable quality construction. FOAMULAR XPS is an insulation solution to help achieve that goal. FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene Insulation FOAMULAR XPS Insulation has high resistance to water because it is closed cell and is comprised of hydrophobic polystyrene polymer. It achieves its resistance to water absorption without relying on facers. It has a long term stable thermal resistance of R-5 per inch, measured after real time aging. It is an excellent choice for building insulation applications. Owens Corning has many insulation and construction products for use in all types of building systems. We have building science expertise to lend to assessing questions on thermal efficiency, moisture management, sound control, air distribution, mechanical and pipe insulation, insulation economics and sustainability. Contact Owens Corning at 1-800-GET-PINK , or visit our website at www.foamular.com and www.owenscorning.com.

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