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Fiberglass, Acoustical, Interior Partition Insulation Thickness Width Length 3" 89mm 16" 406mm - 24" 609mm 96" 2438mm 2" 64mm 16" 406mm - 24" 609mm 96" 2438mm B. Surface Burning Characteristics: ASTM E84. 1. Maximum flame spread: Not Rated 2. Maximum smoke developed: Not Rated C. Fire Resistance Ratings: Part of ASTM E119 fire tested wall assemblies. D. Sound Transmission Class: ASTM C423, STC ___ Note to Specifier: Select STC from Wall System Chart included in the ProSpec Introduction & Instruction Package. E. Dimensional Stability: Linear Shrinkage less than 0.1% PART 3 - EXECUTION EXAMINATION A. Examine substrates and conditions under which the work of this Section is to be performed. Notify the Architect in writing of any unsatisfactory conditions. Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. B. Verify mechanical and electrical services within the partition have been tested and inspected. INSTALLATION A. Comply with manufacturer's installation instructions. Note to Specifier: Do not use unfaced insulation in exposed applications where there is potential for skin contact and irritation. Note to Specifier: Kraft facing on insulation will burn and must not be left exposed. The facing must be installed in substantial contact with the unexposed surface of the wall finish material. Protect facing from any open flame or heat source. B. Friction-fit blanket insulation in place, until the interior finish is applied. Install batts to fill entire stud cavity, with no gaps, voids, or areas of compression. If stud cavity is less than 8 feet in height, cut lengths to friction fit against floor and ceiling tracks. Walls with penetrations require that insulation be carefully cut to fit around outlets, junction boxes, and other irregularities. C. Where walls are not finished on both sides or where insulation does not fill the cavity depth, install supplementary support to hold product in place. D. Where insulation must extend higher than 8 feet, provide temporary support to hold product in place, until finish material is applied. ACOUSTIC BLANKET INSULATION 09 81 16 - 3

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