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Fiberglass, Acoustical, Interior Partition Insulation B. Store and protect products in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Store in a dry indoors location. Protect insulation materials from moisture and soiling. C. Arrange storage of products to permit access for inspection. Periodically inspect to verify products are undamaged and are maintained in acceptable condition. D. Do not install insulation that has been damaged or wet. Remove it from jobsite. 1. An exception may be allowed in cases where the contractor is able to demonstrate that wet insulation when fully dried out (either before installation or afterward following exposure to system operating temperatures) will provide installed performance that is equivalent in respects to new, completely dry insulation. In such cases, consult the insulation manufacturer for technical assistance. PART 2 - PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER A. Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC, Toledo, OH 43659; www.owenscorning.com. ACOUSTIC BLANKET INSULATION (SOUND ATTENUATION BATTS), FIRE-RATED A. Type: Unfaced glass fiber acoustical insulation, complying with ASTM C665, Type I. Note to Specifier: Select from the following table: Thickness Width Length 3" 89mm 16" 406mm - 24" 609mm 96" 2438mm 2" 64mm 16" 406mm - 24" 609mm 96" 2438mm B. Surface Burning Characteristics: ASTM E84. 1. Maximum flame spread: 10 2. Maximum smoke developed: 10 C. Combustion Characteristics: Passes ASTM E136. D. Fire Resistance Ratings: Part of ASTM E119 fire tested wall assemblies. E. Sound Transmission Class: ASTM C423, STC ___ Note to Specifier: Select STC from Wall System Chart included in the ProSpec Introduction & Instruction Package. F. Dimensional Stability: Linear Shrinkage less than 0.1% ACOUSTIC BLANKET INSULATION (QUIET ZONE ACOUSTIC BATTS), NON-FIRE-RATED A. Type: Kraft faced glass fiber acoustical insulation, complying with ASTM C 665, Type II, Class C. Note to Specifier: Select from the following table: ACOUSTIC BLANKET INSULATION 09 81 16 - 2

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