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Eurospan Translucence System PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Do not install ceiling system until spaces are enclosed and weathertight, and until other finishes and wet- work in the space have been completed and are nominally dry. MAINTENANCE A. Extra Stock: For each fabric, color, and pattern installed, furnish length equal to 2 percent of amount installed, but not less than 1 yard. PART 2 - PRODUCTS SYSTEM A. Provide a complete system, Eurospan Translucence Stretch Fabric System, as manufactured by Wall Technology, Inc. consisting of Eurospan textile field applied. Fabric is drawn into place via cable tensioning. Fabric is to be stretched tightly into place but permit removal via cable release of fabric, as required for replacement. 1. Include accessories as required for a complete installation. B. Fabric: Owens Corning/Wall Technology, Eurospan textile standard white color. 1. Fire Hazard Classification, Textiles: ASTM E84, NFPA Class A / UBC Class I. a. Flame Spread: 0 or less. b. Smoke Density: 5 or less. c. Test Mounting Method: Loose laid on 2 inch hexagonal wire mesh with metal rods at 2 ft. on center. Test method with fabric adhered to cement board not acceptable. 2. Fabric shall be a stretch type that is capable of elongating 25 percent. 3. Fabric shall be available in a maximum width of 16 ft. Fabric may be sewn to gain greater sizes. 4. The fabric shall spot cleanable and dry cleanable. 5. Light Reflectance: 0.75 min. 6. The fabric shall be of a fiber content and locking weave so as not to be affected by heat or humidity for the life of the installation. C. Mounting Devices: Stainless steel 300 series cables sizes 1/32 to 3/16 in. cable gripper fittings. D. Anchoring System: Provide stainless steel cable fittings capable of maintaining the tension required to stretch the fabric into place. PART 3 - EXECUTION EXAMINATION: A. Examine the condition of the substrate and the conditions under which the work of this Section is to be performed. Notify the Contractor in writing of any unsatisfactory conditions. Do not proceed with the work until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected in a manner satisfactory to the installer. B. Field measures each area which is to receive the ceiling system to establish the correct layout. STRETCHED FABRIC CEILING SYSTEMS 09 54 43 - 2

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