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Eurospan Acoustical Wall System DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING A. Deliver, store, and protect materials in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Store in a dry indoors location. Protect materials from moisture and soiling. PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Do not install wall system until spaces are enclosed and weathertight, and until other finishes and wet- work in the space have been completed and are nominally dry. MAINTENANCE A. Extra Stock: For each fabric, color, and pattern installed, furnish length equal to 2 percent of amount installed, but not less than 1 yard. PART 2 - PRODUCTS SYSTEM A. Eurospan Acoustical Wall System, by Owens Corning/Wall Technology: Provide panel or upholstery fabrics, stretched and field applied over acoustical core and mounted securely to perimeter, mid joint, and corner extrusions. These extrusions tension the fabric tightly but permit removal of fabric, as required for replacement. 1. Include accessories as required for a complete installation. MATERIALS A. Fabric: Provide manufacturer's standard acoustical panel fabric or other commercial grade panel/upholstery fabrics as selected by the Architect. 1. Fire Hazard Classification, Textiles: ASTM E84, NFPA Class A / UBC Class I. a. Flame Spread: 25 or less. b. Smoke Density: 450 or less. Note to Specifier: Select core thickness based on desired NRC rating. B. Acoustical Core: 1 inch thick, 6 -7 lb. density glass fiber core. 1. NRC: ASTM C423, 0.80 per mounting type A. C. Eurospan Acoustical Wall System Fabric Mounting Devices: Rigid polymer high strength extrusions for perimeter, mid seam, and corner profile tracks. 1. Fire Hazard Classification, PVC Polymer: ASTM E84, NFPA Class A / UBC Class I. 2. Track Height: [1/2] [1] [1-1/2] inch nominal. 3. Perimeter Track Edge: [Square] [Bevel] [Radius]. a. Cover exposed edges with matching fabric. b. Paint exposed edges, color to match the fabric. 4. Mid Joint Track Edge: [Square] [Bevel] [Radius] [Reveal]. a. Flexible for achieving curved lines, or conforming to concave or convex surfaces. b. When core material is thicker than track profile, provide wood "grounds" or furring strips prior to mounting the track. 1) Provide fire retardant treated wood where required by Code. 2) Cover exposed edges with matching fabric. 3) Paint exposed edges, color to match the fabric. ACOUSTIC STRETCHED FABRIC WALL SYSTEMS 09 84 14 - 2

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