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LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY FOR FOAMULAR EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE (XPS) INSULATION Limitations on the transferability of this warranty are set forth herein. Introduction Thank you for your recent purchase of Owens Corning FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Foam Insulation products ("XPS Foam Insulation") manufactured by Owens Corning Foam Insulation, LLC ("Owens Corning").* We believe we manufacture the highest quality XPS Foam Insulation products and that is why we stand behind them with one of the best warranties in the industry. We have attempted to write this warranty in clear, plain-English terms, including the limitations and restrictions, so you will fully understand the warranty we are making to you. Please note, however, that the terms contained here are subject to change without notice. If anything in this warranty is not clear to you, please call us at 1-800-GET-PINK or visit our Website at www.foamular.com *THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER OWENS CORNING FANFOLD INSULATION PRODUCTS, WHICH ARE COVERED UNDER A SEPARATE WARRANTY. Who Is Covered If you live in the United States or Canada and you are the original consumer purchaser (i.e. the homeowner or building owner, not the builder, installer or contractor) or any transferee tracing back to the original consumer purchaser (the "Purchaser") of XPS Foam Insulation, you are entitled to the benefits of this warranty. What Is Covered Owens Corning, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth herein, warrants that its XPS Foam Insulation shall, from the date of installation and for the life of the home or building in which originally installed, when such XPS Foam Insulation shall have been properly installed and when subject to normal and proper use: be free from defects in material and/or workmanship that materially affect its performance in the home or building in which originally installed; meet performance requirements of ASTM C578 and CAN/ ULC-S701; and retain at least 90% of its advertised R-value** Owens Corning's obligations under this warranty will only take effect if the XPS Foam Insulation is installed (including both the original installation and reuse installation) in typical building and construction assemblies in strict accordance with all applicable Owens Corning specifications, recommendations and guidelines that were in effect at the time of such installation. Owens Corning XPS Foam Insulation shall only be placed into an assembly where the moisture transport mechanism is well understood and determined to be acceptable in accordance with accepted engineering analytical practice. **THIS PART OF THE WARRANTY IS APPLICABLE ONLY TO XPS FOAM INSULATION PRODUCT PRODUCED AFTER JULY 1, 2010. Remedy If, during the warranty period and because of a covered defect in material or manufacturing, the XPS Foam Insulation is determined by sampling and tests (conducted as provided below) to not meet any of the performance requirements stated above, as Purchaser's sole remedy, Owens Corning will deliver to the Purchaser a quantity of equivalent Owens Corning product to replace the non-performing XPS Foam Insulation product or, at Owens Corning's sole discretion, refund to the Purchaser the original purchase price of the non-performing XPS Foam Insulation product. OWENS CORNING'S TOTAL LIABILITY/COST HEREUNDER, FOR THE LIFE OF THE WARRANTY, IS LIMITED TO, AND CAPPED AT, THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE XPS FOAM INSULATION PRODUCT. What Is Not Covered This warranty does not apply to and Owens Corning shall not be liable for any cause not expressly covered herein. This warranty does not cover any problems with non-defective material caused by conditions or handling beyond our control. Some examples of conditions not covered by this warranty include failures or defects in the XPS Foam Insulation caused by: causes beyond normal and proper use including, but not limited to, acts of God, war or terrorism, fire, flood, wind or other weather damage, exposure to chemicals or the environment; or failures or distortions in the building structure, or improper installation of neighboring products; or failure to install the XPS Foam Insulation strictly in accordance with Owens Corning's published installation instructions for the XPS Foam Insulation product; or failure to install the XPS Foam Insulation in compliance with all applicable building codes; or damage to the XPS Foam Insulation caused by alterations made after completion of installation, including but not limited to structure changes, equipment installation, or other modifications; or non-manufacturing defects, including but not limited to improper storage, improper maintenance, neglect, accident, casualty, vandalism or misuse of the XPS Foam Insulation, or any other cause that disturbs or disrupts the XPS Foam Insulation as installed; or any costs incurred by you that are not authorized in writing, and in advance, by Owens Corning. Further, this warranty does not apply to and Owens Corning shall not be liable for the compatibility of any other product (including, but not limited to adhesives or coatings) with the XPS Foam Insulation product. ** R-value means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value the greater the insulating power.

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