Division 7 Ebook Page 446 Fiberglass-Based Asphalt Shingles & Accessories, 07 31 00

Fiberglass-Based Asphalt Shingles & Accessories PROJECT ARCHITECT RESPONSIBILITY: This is a general specification guide, intended to be used by experienced construction professionals, in conjunction with good construction practice and professional judgment. This guide is to aid in the creation of a complete building specification that is to be fully reviewed and edited by the architect of record (specifier). Sections of this guide should be included, edited, or omitted based on the requirements of a specific project. It is the responsibility of both the specifier and the purchaser to determine if a product or system is suitable for its intended use. Neither Owens Corning, nor any of its subsidiary or affiliated companies, assume any responsibility for the content of this specification guide relative to actual projects and specifically disclaim any and all liability for any errors or omissions in design, detail, structural capability, attachment details, shop drawings or other construction related details, whether based upon the information provided by Owens Corning or otherwise. SECTION 07 31 13 - FIBERGLASS-BASED ASPHALT SHINGLES & ACCESSORIES PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SECTION INCLUDES A. Roof shingles and accessories including the following: 1. Fiberglass-based asphalt shingles. 2. Hip and ridge shingles. 3. Starter shingles. 4. Self-adhering ice and water barrier. 5. Shingle underlayment. 6. Attic ventilation. 7. Fasteners. 8. Metal flashing and trim. 1.2 RELATED SECTIONS **NOTE TO SPECIFIER** Delete and/or add other sections as required.

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