Division 7 Ebook Page 445 FOAMULAR DURAPINK Insulation, 07 22 16

FOAMULAR Insulation, PRMA, Horizontal Waterproofing D. [Concrete paver ballast must be installed so that the pavers are elevated above the surface of the foam by integrally cast feet on the paver (not conducive to paver leveling), pedestals at the paver corners, or by a permeable setting bed beneath the pavers.] See Section & 2.07. When pavers cover only minor portions of the roof such as at windscrub locations or walkways to and around equipment, it is not necessary to elevate the pavers above the surface of the insulation due to the limited areas involved. E. Top of pavers shall be dead level, except as otherwise indicated. Waterproofing membrane shall, in general, be applied to concrete substrates that slope to building drains, either by pitching the structural slab or by the addition of a topping slab, as indicated. Transition between top surface of waterproofing and pavers shall be accomplished by use of "reverse tapered" insulation, by use of pedestal shims or by combination of both. ROOF WALKWAYS A. Specify if regular maintenance is required to service rooftop units or if a passageway over the surface is otherwise required. Well defined walkways shall be provided, constructed of materials such as rubber matting, concrete pavers or other materials approved by the roofing membrane manufacturer. B. Should access to the waterproofing membrane be required for repairs or warranty service, the ballast, protective mat and insulation layers must be removed. Rooftop equipment, landscaping, window washing systems, or intricately placed or multicolored ballast configurations may complicate access and service to the membrane. FIELD QUALITY CONTROL A. Schedule and complete a final inspection by the system manufacturer as required to obtain the final system warranty. END OF SECTION Pub No 10019389 2014 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved. ROOF BOARD INSULATION 07 22 16 - 9

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