Division 7 Ebook Page 439 FOAMULAR DURAPINK Insulation, 07 22 16

FOAMULAR Insulation, PRMA, Horizontal Waterproofing C. Complete substrate construction, including work which will penetrate waterproofing, before start of waterproofing application. D. Comply with manufacturer's recommendations regarding: condition of the substrate to receive waterproofing, insulation, and ballast system; weather conditions before and during installation; and protection of the installed waterproofing/insulation/ballast system. E. Do not expose FOAMULAR insulation to surfaces such as vent stacks, pipes or other rooftop appurtenances whose constant temperature is in excess of 165F. If temperature cycling conditions are anticipated near the maximum recommended use temperature consult your Owens Corning FOAMULAR representative for recommendations regarding system components. F. When insulation is to be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods due to job site delays, or in areas adjacent to vertical reflective surfaces, protect the insulation with a light colored opaque covering. Provisions should be made to prevent wind loss of insulation materials at the job site when partially open units of FOAMULAR are on hand. G. Install no more FOAMULAR insulation than can be covered with [paving, stones, pavers, protection] the same day. H. [Any deteriorated decking shall be repaired or replaced. Existing roof drains must be verified to be open and adequate to promote proper roof drainage.] I. Each day's roofing work shall be completed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations. J. When staging material on the roof and during application, the contractor shall ensure that overloading of the deck and structure does not occur. K. For projects requiring removal of the existing waterproofing system, remove only as much existing membrane and insulation as can be replaced and made watertight the same day. WARRANTY A. A thermal performance warranty shall be issued to the Owner upon completion of the work. Insulation shall be warranted to retain all physical properties and a minimum of 90% of its published R-value for the lifetime of the product. 1. [A single source full roof covering system warranty shall be issued to the Owner upon completion of the work.] Note to Specifier: Consult an Owens Corning representative for information on obtaining warranties. Single source full system warranties are available for certain waterproofing systems. B. System warranty shall cover, at a minimum, the following components of insulation, waterproofing, ballast system: 1. Waterproofing membrane. 2. Flashings, edge and penetration detailing materials. 3. Protection sheet. 4. Board insulation. 5. Pavers and paver pedestals. ROOF BOARD INSULATION 07 22 16 - 3

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