Division 7 Ebook Page 436 FOAMULAR Tapered Roof Insulation, 07 22 16

FOAMULAR DURAPINK , Recover Roof Insulation H. [Mechanical fastening of insulation and loose separator sheet, if any, may coincide so that fastener penetrates the sheet, then through the roof board insulation into the structural substrate a minimum distance as required by the fastener manufacturer.] [OVERLAYMENT/SEPARATOR SHEETS] A. [Loose lay flexible sheet overlayment over roof board insulation and cover with a membrane attached per the manufacturer's recommendations. Edges and ends of rolls shall be lapped a minimum of 6". Only dry overlayment materials shall be used. If overlayment materials become wet, allow them to fully dry before proceeding with roofing application.] Overlayment protection is not required when roof board insulation is used in conjunction with black or white EPDM, TPO, or most thermoplastic single ply membranes. A separator sheet approved by the membrane manufacturer such as a fire rated glass fiber mat must be used to separate the insulation layer when an ASTM E 108 Class A, B, ro C fire rating is required, or, to separate the insulation from PVC and other thermoplastic membranes which contain plasticizing agents. Requirements for overlayment materials and weights may vary. Contact membrane manufacturer for their individual requirements. B. When cleaning agents and seam adhesives used are solvent based and capable of causing cavitation of the underlying roof board insulation, use care when preparing membrane edges for in field seam splicing. MECHANICAL FASTENERS A. Fastener/stress plate assemblies shall be driven to tightly secure the insulation board and seat the plate but shall not be overdriven so that the insulation board is crushed beneath the plate. Fasteners which are improperly installed shall be removed or corrected. Improper installation may include overdriving such that the stress plate is concave and cuts a significant depression in the insulation; underdriving such that the fastener head is not properly seated in the stress plate and may puncture the membrane; broken or bent shanks; improper location; or insufficient length. B. Fasteners shall be embedded in the deck per manufacturer's recommendations to insure adequate withdrawal resistance. FASTENING PATTERNS, TABLE A System Insulation Thickness Fasteners (per 4x8) Fastening Pattern Black (dark) Membranes, Mechanically Attached, (w/wind rating per membrane specs.) DURAPINK 1/2", 3/4", 1" 8 B White Membranes, Mechanically Attached, (w/wind rating per membrane specs.) DURAPINK (with separator sheet, as re- quired) 1/2", 3/4", 1" 4 C Off white or other light color Membranes, Mechanically Attached, (w/wind rating per membrane specs.) DURAPINK (with separator sheet, as re- quired) 1/2", 3/4", 1" 6 F 1. Note: Recover roofing surfaces are often uneven. For patterns C and F, although sufficient to to secure DURAPINK insulation, additonal fasteners installed per pattern A will cause the board to lay flatter in service. END OF SECTION Pub No 10019388 2014 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved. ROOF BOARD INSULATION 07 22 16 - 6

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