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FOAMULAR , Thermal, Tapered Roof Insulation PROJECT ENGINEER RESPONSIBILITY: This is a general specification guide, intended to be used by experienced construction professionals, in conjunction with good construction practice and professional judgment. This guide is to aid in the creation of a complete building specification that is to be fully reviewed and edited by the engineer. Sections of this guide should be included, edited, or omitted based on the requirements of a specific project. It is the responsibility of both the specifier and the purchaser to determine if a product or system is suitable for its intended use. Neither Owens Corning, nor any of its subsidiary or affiliated companies, assume any responsibility for the content of this specification guide relative to actual projects and specifically disclaim any and all liability for any errors or omissions in design, detail, structural capability, attachment details, shop drawings or other construction related details, whether based upon the information provided by Owens Corning or otherwise. SECTION 07 22 16 ROOF BOARD INSULATION Note to Specifier: Tapered THERMAPINK or FOAMULAR are for below membrane roof insulation systems, including mechanically attached, fully adhered, or ballasted single ply or modified bitumen or BUR. Note to Specifier: Only THERMAPINK insulation is intended for use directly over steel roof decks with no thermal barrier, constructed in accordance with UL Roof Deck Construction #457. FOAMULAR or THERMAPINK insulation may be used over steel deck WITH thermal barrier when needed for FM Class I, or when the limits of UL construction #457 are exceeded. Tapered systems that, by design, vary in maximum thickness, and often have greater maximum thicknesses, should be verified for compliance with UL construction #457. Note to Specifier: Consult local building code for applicable requirements regarding the need for a thermal barrier (UL 1256/FM 4450), rooftop exterior surface spread of flame or fire penetration (ASTM E108), structural fire resistance (ASTM E119), wind uplift resistance, or other applicable requirements. PART 1 - GENERAL SUMMARY A. Section Includes: Provide tapered [THERMAPINK 18, 25, FOAMULAR 400, 600] extruded polystyrene roof board insulation. SUBMITTALS A. Product Data: Submit data on product characteristics, performance criteria, and limitations, including installation instructions. B. Sustainable Design: Submit manufacturer's sustainable design certifications as specified. QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Installer Qualifications: The installation work of this Section shall be performed by an experienced roofing contractor approved and certified by the roofing system manufacturer. B. Each insulation board must be labeled with manufacturer's name, product brand name, ASTM material specification reference, and identification of the third party inspection agency used for building code qualification. ROOF BOARD INSULATION 07 22 16 - 1

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