Division 7 Ebook Page 417 OptiLiner Banded Liner System, 07 21 16

FOAMULAR , Thermal, New Roof, Below Membrane DELIVERY, STORAGE, AND HANDLING A. Deliver materials in manufacturer's original packaging. B. Store and protect products in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Store in a dry area and protect from water, direct sunlight, flame, and ignition sources. Do not install insulation that has been damaged or wet . 1. In the event the board insulation becomes wet, wipe dry prior to installation. Note to Specifier: For proper fire protection of plastic foam in storage, consult the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards or the authority having jurisdiction. PROJECT CONDITIONS A. Roof deck shall be free of ponded water, ice or snow. This precaution is to discourage potential future condensation on the underside of the membrane. B. Do not expose [THERMAPINK, FOAMULAR] insulation to surfaces such as vent stacks, pipes or other rooftop appurtenances whose constant temperature is in excess of 165F. If temperature cycling conditions are anticipated near the maximum recommended use temperature, consult an Owens Corning FOAMULAR insulation representative for recommendations regarding system components. C. When insulation is to be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods due to job site delays, protect the insulation with a light colored opaque covering. Provisions should be made to prevent wind loss of insulation materials at the job site when partially open units of [THERMAPINK, FOAMULAR] are on hand. D. Dark membrane ballasted systems must have ballast installed immediately after installation of membrane. This precaution is required to prevent potential damage to the insulation from excessive heat due to prolonged exposure to sunlight E. Roofs exposed to chemical discharge, or to reflective vertical surfaces adjacent to the roof, require special consideration. Consult this specification for recommendations regarding system components. F. [Any deteriorated decking shall be repaired or replaced. Existing roof drains must he verified to be open and adequate to promote proper roof drainage.] WARRANTY A. A thermal performance warranty shall be issued to the Owner upon completion of the work. Insulation shall be warranted to retain all physical properties and a minimum of 90% of its published R-value for the lifetime of the product. 1. [A single source full roof covering system warranty shall be issued to the Owner upon completion of the work.] Note to Specifier: Consult an Owens Corning representative for information on obtaining warranties. Single source full system warranties are available for certain roofing systems. ROOF BOARD INSULATION 07 22 16 - 2

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