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ELAMINATOR Insulation System, Thermal, Metal Building B. Do not begin installation when weather conditions (rain, wind, low temperature) might cause moisture damage to the insulation, impede proper installation, or endanger persons working on the roof structure. INSTALLATION A. Roof Insulation 1. Installation shall be in accordance with Owens Coming's published ELAMINATOR Insulation System Installation Manual for the 100 or 300 Series machines. At least one machine operator shall be a certified or apprentice operator who has met the requirements of the Owens Corning Certified ELAMINATOR Operator Program. Installation shall be done without banding for 300 Series machines only. 2. Facing flanges shall overlap above purlin to ensure that roof fasteners will secure the facing as roof sheets are installed and to maintain vapor retarder integrity across the purlins. 3. Wherever possible, facing splices or seams shall be located above rafters where they will be least noticeable. 4. All tears or punctures in facing shall be repaired with pressure-sensitive tape compatible with and recommended by the manufacturer of the vapor retarder facing. 5. Certified-R Metal Building Insulation or unfaced MBI Plus Insulation shall be installed without voids or cavities between the insulation. 6. On standing seam roofs, install thermal spacer blocks over the insulation between roof fasteners in accordance with the metal building or component manufacturer's recommendations. 7. It is the responsibility of the building contractor to install the roof so that it is weathertight, to prevent water damage to the insulation after it is installed. FIELD QUALITY ASSURANCE A. During the course of insulation work covered by this specification, visually inspect the job to verify that the insulation and the facing are being correctly installed and that finished appearance viewed from below or within meets specified standards for uniform appearance. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS A. The insulation contractor's employees shall at all times be properly protected during installation of all insulation. All job site operations shall be conducted in compliance with applicable provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, as well as with all state and/or local safety and health codes, and regulations that may apply to the work. B. The ELAMINATOR Insulation System 300 Series machines enable the contractor to comply with OSHA fall protection standards. END OF SECTION Pub No 10019392 2014 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved. PRE-ENGINEERED BUILDING BLANKET INSULATION 07 21 16 - 4

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