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ELAMINATOR Insulation System, Thermal, Metal Building B. Store and protect products in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Store in a dry indoors location. Protect insulation materials from moisture and soiling. PART 2 - PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER A. Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC, Toledo, OH 43659; www.owenscorning.com. ROOF INSULATION USING ELAMINATOR INSULATION SYSTEM A. The contractor shall provide a roof insulation system using Owens Corning's ELAMINATOR Insulation System which installs a double layer application with an R-value of ________ for the first layer between the structure members and R-value of ________ for the second layer, perpendicular and across the structure members OR for single layer application with an R-value ________ for the layer perpendicular and across the structure members. ACCESSORY MATERIALS A. Accessory materials installed as part of the roof and/or wall insulation work under this specification shall include (but not be limited to) the following: 1. Double-sided tape used to adhere facing to end rafters (rake angles) or trim strips. 2. Pressure-sensitive vapor retarder tape used to mend or repair tears or punctures in facing - must be compatible with type of facing specified in 2.0l.A.l. 3. Thermal spacer blocks shall be FOAMULAR 250 PINK extruded polystyrene, 1" thick. B. Accessory materials shall be furnished and installed in accordance with Owens Corning's installation instructions. PART 3 - EXECUTION SITE INSPECTION A. Before starting work under this section, carefully inspect the job site and installed work of other trades and verify that such work is complete to the point where installation of materials and accessories under this section can begin. B. Verify that all materials and accessories can be installed in accordance with project drawings and specifications, and material manufacturers' recommendations. C. Verify, by inspecting product labeling, submittal data, and/or certifications accompanying shipments, that insulation materials and accessories to be installed on the project comply with applicable specifications and standards as called for in this specification and meet all specified thermal and physical properties. PREPARATION A. Ensure that the insulation is clean, dry, and in good mechanical condition with the vapor retarder facing intact and undamaged. Wet, dirty, or damaged insulation, whether faced or unfaced, shall not be acceptable for installation. PRE-ENGINEERED BUILDING BLANKET INSULATION 07 21 16 - 3

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