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EnergyComplete Thermal Insulation G. For batt insulation with factory-applied facing, install with vapor retarder membrane facing warm side of building spaces. Lap ends and side flanges of membrane over or between framing members. Tape seal butt ends, lapped flanges, and tears or cuts in membrane. Secure insulation in place using one of the following methods: 1. Friction fit. 2. Staple or nail facing flanges in place as needed. 3. Tape in place. 4. Retain in place with spindle fasteners. 5. Retain in place with wire mesh secured to framing members. 3.7 INSTALLATION OF SEPARATE VAPOR RETARDER A. Vapor Retarder Installation: 1. For wood framing, place vapor retarder on warm side of insulation by stapling or nailing 6 inches on center. Lap and seal joints over member face. 2. For metal framing, place vapor retarder on warm side of insulation; lap and seal joints over member face. 3. Place fasteners at manufacturer's recommended spacing. Tape seal tears or cuts. 4. Extend tight to full perimeter of adjacent window and door frames and other items interrupting the plane of membrane. Tape seal in place. B. Vapor Retarder Installation: Comply with requirements of Section 07 26 00 Vapor Retarders. 3.7 CLEANING A. Remove protective plastic film coverings from adjacent materials. B. Clean unintended sealant materials, equipment, and fixtures. C. Remove damaged materials, equipment, and fixtures if sealant cannot be cleaned without blemish and install new materials, equipment, and fixtures identical to item before damage occurred. D. Remove waste materials and recycle empty containers and packaging. Pub No 10019374 2014 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved.

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