Division 7 Ebook Page 392 FOAMULAR Insulation, Masonry Cavity Wall, 07 21 13

FOAMULAR Insulation, Thermal, Masonry Cavity Wall 5. [ High-R CW Plus, Type IV, 1.60 lb/cu. ft. (26 kg/cu. m) ]. PART 3 - EXECUTION EXAMINATION A. Examine the areas and conditions under which work of this section will be installed. Verify that adjacent materials are dry and ready to receive insulation. B. Provide written report listing conditions detrimental to performance of work in this section. Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. PREPARATION A. Clean substrates of substances harmful to insulation or vapor retarders, including removing projections capable of puncturing vapor retarders or of interfering with insulation attachment. INSTALLATION, GENERAL A. Comply with insulation manufacturer's written instructions applicable to products and application indicated. B. Install insulation that is undamaged, dry, and unsoiled. C. Extend insulation in thickness indicated to envelop entire area to be insulated. Cut and fit tightly around obstructions and fill voids with insulation. Remove projections that interfere with placement. D. Apply single layer of insulation boards to produce thickness indicated unless multiple layers are otherwise shown or required to make up total thickness. INSTALLATION OF CAVITY-WALL INSULATION Note to Specifier: Choose optional installation instructions. Edit, combine and/or retain as needed. Owens Corning does not require a particular method of securing FOAMULAR XPS Insulation, nor does Owens Corning require joint sealing. A. Secure insulation boards with two-piece wall ties designed for this purpose and specified in Division 04, Masonry Anchorage and Reinforcing. Fit courses of 16" wide insulation boards horizontally between 16" o.c. horizontal continuous joint reinforcing/adjustable wall tie eyes. Snugly friction fit insulation in place, between the wall tie eyes. Push the insulation back tightly against the back-up wall surface, with edges butted tightly in both directions. Secure insulation in place by inserting the adjustable brick tie pintel into the wall tie eye. Note to Specifier: Optional installation instructions, edit, combine and/or retain as needed. B. Secure insulation boards with construction adhesive. Place pads of construction adhesive spaced approximately 24 inches (610 mm) o.c. along the edges of the inside face of the insulation board, or as recommended by the adhesive manufacturer. Construction adhesive must be recommended by its manufacturer for use with polystyrene rigid board insulation. Fit courses of insulation horizontally between wall ties and other obstructions, with edges butted tightly in both directions. Press insulation firmly against inside back-up wall surface. FOAM BOARD INSULATION 07 21 13 - 3

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