Division 7 Ebook Page 385 CommercialComplete Wall Systems, 07 21 13 & 07 21 16

CommercialComplete TM Wall System Steel Stud / Masonry Veneer [TAPE] A. [Joint Sealing Tape: Pressure sensitive, self adhering, acrylic adhesive joint sealing tape, complying with AAMA 711, and, meeting the following criteria:] 1. Recommended by its manufacturer for sealing the joints of extruded polystyrene insulation board in vertical cavity wall construction 2. Peel Adhesion Strength: Compliant with ICC-ES AC 148 and AAMA 711 3. Water Resistance and Joint Sealing: Compliant with ICC-ES AC 71 4. Air Permeance: Air permeance less than or equal to 0.02 L/s/m2, tested in accordance with ASTM E 2178 5. Service Temperature: Service temperature range shall be at least 0oF to 120oF maximum 6. Width: Minimum 3.5 inches. B. [Manufacturers: Subject to compliance with product criteria, the manufacturers whose products may be incorporated into the work include but are not limited to: 1. Owens Corning.] C. [Acceptable Products: Subject to compliance with product criteria, the products that may be incorporated into the work include but are not limited to: 1. JointSealR Foam Joint Tape; 3.5" wide, 90' long, supplied in rolls.] PART 3 - EXECUTION EXAMINATION A. Verify that steel wall studs, opening framing, bridging and structural bracing and other framing support members and anchorage have been installed in accordance with good construction practice and are compliant with this specification. B. Verify that adjacent materials are dry and ready to receive insulation. Verify mechanical and electrical services within walls have been tested and inspected. C. Report unacceptable conditions in writing. Do not proceed with work until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. D. Installation of products specified in this section constitutes acceptance of existing conditions and assumption of responsibility for satisfactory performance. INSTALLATION OF EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE INSULATING SHEATHING A. Install extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards over [the exterior face of the steel stud framing, or exterior gypsum board sheathing, or exterior air/weather resistive barrier layer] in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. B. Install XPS insulation board in maximum sizes to minimize joints. Locate joints square to framing members. Center end joints over framing. Provide additional framing as necessary. C. Stagger end joints a minimum of one stud space from adjacent joints. D. Insulation board edges shall be butted together tightly, and fit around openings and penetrations. [Install square edges to fit square and tight.] [Install horizontal ship-lap joints to fit square and tight, in shingle FOAM BOARD AND BATT INSULATION 07 21 13 - 5

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