Division 7 Ebook Page 382 CommercialComplete Wall Systems, 07 21 13 & 07 21 16

CommercialComplete TM Wall System Steel Stud / Masonry Veneer a. NFPA 285: Standard Fire Method for Evaluation of Fire Propagation Characteristics of Exterior Non-Load-Bearing Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components. 3. International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES): a. AC 71: Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Sheathing Panels Used as Water Resistive Barriers. b. AC 148: Acceptance Criteria for Flexible Flashing Materials. 4. American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA): a. AAMA 711: Voluntary Specification for Self Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION A. Provide and install cold formed steel stud exterior wall framing [ load-bearing, non-load bearing ], [ fire resistance rated, non-rated ] system, [ with or without exterior gypsum sheathing ] [ with or without sheet or spray applied air and water resistive barrier layer over the exterior gypsum ], with continuous insulation sheathing [ foam board joints sealed or unsealed ], [ with or without fiberglass batt insulation ] in the stud cavity [ with or without a vapor retarding facer on the fiberglass ], that effectively controls thermal, air and water performance and provides continuous insulation and continuity of the building envelope. The system shall include the following: 1. Steel stud framing independently braced to resist vertical and transverse structural loading. 2. Insulating foam plastic sheathing secured to the exterior of the steel stud wall framing. 3. [Fiberglass batt insulation in the steel stud framing cavity]. 4. [Joint sealing tape over the insulating sheathing joints and penetrations]. B. All joints, penetrations and gaps of the insulating [and air barrier] wall system shall be made water [and air] tight. C. Code Compliance: Exterior wall system and component materials shall comply with the following requirements: 1. The complete exterior wall assembly shall comply with the passing criteria defined in NFPA 285 for exterior wall limited fire spread performance. 2. Wall and floor joints shall be fire stopped as required in International Building Code Section 714. 3. Insulating sheathing and foam joint sealing tape shall comply with ASTM E 2178, AC71 and AC148 for exterior wall products sealed against air and water penetration. SUBMITTALS A. Product Data: Submit data on product characteristics, performance criteria, and limitations, including installation instructions. B. Sustainable Design: Submit manufacturer's sustainable design certifications as indicated. C. Warranty: Submit documentation for limited product warranty. [___ years or lifetime]. QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Each insulation board must be labeled with manufacturer's name, product brand name, ASTM material specification reference, and identification of the third party inspection agency used for building code qualification. DELIVERY, STORAGE, AND HANDLING A. Deliver materials in manufacturer's original packaging. FOAM BOARD AND BATT INSULATION 07 21 13 - 2

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