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LEED v4 for Building Design and Construction Finalized in 2013, the LEED v4 Green Building Rating System is a set of performance standards for certifying the design and construction of commercial, institutional and high-rise multifamily residential buildings, both public and private. The intent is to promote durable, affordable and sustainable materials and processes during the design, construction and operation of the built environment. The Rating System includes guides for New Construction, Core & Shell, Schools, Retail, Data Centers, Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Hospitality and Healthcare. Prerequisites and Credits in the LEED v4 Building Design and Construction Rating System address the following Categories: Integrative Project Planning and Design or Integrative Process Location and Transportation (LT) Sustainable Sites (SS) Water Efficiency (WE) Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Materials & Resources (MR) Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Innovation (IN) Regional Priority (RP) Prerequisites and Credits for each of the categories covered in the LEED Rating System for each building type are project rather than product focused. Therefore it is the cumulative effect of products integrated within building systems and assemblies and evaluated within the parameters of each of the topics that contribute to the "points" a project accrues during the certification process. LEED for Building Design and Construction (BD+C). Buildings that are new construction or major renovation. In addition, at least 60% of the project's gross floor area must be complete by the time of certification (except for LEED BD+C: Core and Shell). Building Types New Construction and Major Renovations. New construction or major renovation of buildings that do not primarily serve K-12 educational, retail, data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality, or healthcare uses. New construction also includes high-rise residential buildings 9 stories or more. Core and Shell Development. Buildings that are new construction or major renovation for the exterior shell and core mechanical, electrical, and plumbing units, but not a complete interior fit-out. LEED BD+C: Core and Shell is the appropriate rating system to use if more than 40% of the gross floor area is incomplete at the time of certification. Schools. Buildings made up of core and ancillary learning spaces on K-12 school grounds. LEED BD+C: Schools may optionally be used for higher education and non-academic buildings on school campuses. Retail. Buildings used to conduct the retail sale of consumer product goods. Includes both direct customer service areas (showroom) and preparation or storage areas that support customer service. Data Centers. Buildings specifically designed and equipped to meet the needs of high density computing equipment such as server racks, used for data storage and processing. LEED BD+C: Data Centers only addresses whole building data centers (greater than 60%). Warehouses and Distribution Centers. Buildings used to store goods, manufactured products, merchandise, raw materials, or personal belongings, such as self-storage. Hospitality. Buildings dedicated to hotels, motels, inns, or other businesses within the service industry that provide transitional or short-term lodging with or without food. Healthcare. Buildings that serve individuals who seek medical treatment, including licensed and federal inpatient care facilities, licensed and federal outpatient care facilities, and licensed and federal long-term care facilities. May optionally be used for buildings with other kinds of medically-related uses, such as unlicensed outpatient facilities, medical, dental and veterinary offices and clinics, assisted living facilities and medical education & research centers. OWENS CORNING ONE OWENS CORNING PARKWAY TOLEDO, OHIO 43659 1-800-GET-PINK www.owenscorning.com Pub. No. 10018865-C. Printed in U.S.A. May 2016. The color PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning. 2016 Owens Corning. All Rights Reserved. LEED is a registered trademark of US Green Building Council. Owens Corning LEED v4 Credits Guide HELPING YOU ACHIEVE LEED CERTIFICATIONS Commercial, Institutional and High-Rise Residential Buildings

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