Division 7 Ebook Page 367 Agricultural Building Insulation Overview

Section Overview Agricultural Building Insulation Agricultural Building Insulation Well insulated livestock buildings have lower heating costs, while yielding increased production of meat, milk or eggs. Well regulated environmental conditions inside animal confinement buildings yields more comfortable working conditions with the benefits of insulating as important in the summer as in the winter. Well insulated livestock structures reduce wasted heat in winter and minimize heat build-up in summer. The most effective productivity measures are the right amount of insulation that is durable, easy to install, versatile for use in roofs or walls, water resistant for long term exposure and wash down, and cost effective. Choosing the right type and amount of insulation can increase building life and raise profitability. FOAMULAR AgTek Insulation FOAMULAR AgTek Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is a cost-efficient insulation for use in animal confinement, crop containment and machinery storage facilities. AgTek XPS insulation is economical, easy to install and assists in saving energy and increasing productivity. It is perfect for agricultural applications because of its high R-value of 5 per inch of thickness, excellent moisture resistance yielding durability for high pressure wash down and long- term insulating performance. AgTek has shiplap edges that help align boards and ensure a tight fit. It is available in extended lengths for long runs over roof purlins to minimize joints. It is lightweight, has a 25 psi compressive strength to enhance damage resistance, and is resistant to decay, mildew and fungus growth. AgTek can be applied to girts in sidewall construction or purlins in roof construction, and, on the interior of either wood or steel-framed buildings. It also works well in a drop ceiling configuration. Installed on the underside of the bottom cord of roof trusses, it is more durable than plastic films and is capable of protecting and supporting the weight of blown insulation. AgTek XPS insulation provides stable thermal properties that are of great value throughout the year. In warm months, when good ventilation is needed to provide fresh air and control excess heat, humidity and odor, the material's insulating effectiveness helps reduce heat gain from solar loading. In the winter, AgTek helps keep a stable building temperature while reducing heating requirements and lowering operating expense. In most situations, AgTek can be left exposed to the interior of agricultural buildings. Check local code or insurance requirements to confirm.

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