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Product Data Sheet Fanfold DWB Damproofing/Waterproofing Board Description Fanfold DWB Damproofing/ Waterproofing Board consists of an extruded polystyrene foam core with a tough, non-perforated, impact resistant plastic facer. Uses Fanfold DWB is used to protect and cushion the basement wall waterproofing membrane during backfilling. The product can be used in both residential and commercial below grade applications. Product Attributes Excellent Protection Fanfold DWB has a tough plastic facer that provides impact and puncture resistance to protect the waterproofing membrane during backfilling. Fanfold DWB can be applied directly over any compatible damproofing or waterproofing membrane. The membrane should be allowed to dry to the touch before application. If necessary, Fanfold DWB can be secured using a compatible adhesive. 3 Compatibility of the membrane and adhesive with polystyrene should be verified prior to use. Moisture Resistance Fanfold DWB is non-perforated and closed cell which provides excellent resistance to moisture absorption. Easy to Handle Fanfold DWB is a lightweight foam insulation board that unfolds quickly to cover a 200 square foot area. The lightweight bundles can be cut with a common utility knife, saving labor costs. Notes 1. Compatibility of the membrane and adhesive with polystyrene should be verified prior to use. Warning: Foam plastic insulation will ignite if exposed to fire of sufficient heat and intensity. Protect foam insulation from exposure to open flame or other ignition sources during shipment, storage, and installation. Product Availability Fanfold DWB Damproofing/Waterproofing Board is available in 4 ' x 50 ' fanfold bundles, folded in 2 ' increments. The product is " thick. Packaging Dimensions Thickness (inches) 0.25 Bundle Dimensions (feet) 4 x 50 Square Feet/Bundle 200 Bundles/Pallet 45 Square Feet/Pallet 9,000 Typical Physical Properties FanFold DWB Foam Residing Board 1,2 Property Test Method Value R-Value 1 , (ft 2 hrF/Btu) ASTM C 518 (Modified) 1.0 Water Absorption, % by vol., max ASTM C 272 0.2 Water Vapor Permeance, perms, max ASTM E 96 (Procedure A) 1.0 Compressive Strength, psi, min ASTM D 1621 (Modified) 10 Flame Spread ASTM E 84/UL 723 10 Smoke Development ASTM E 84/UL 723 165 Maximum Service Temperature 3 , F 165 1 Samples aged for 180 days at laboratory conditions of 73 +/-2F and 50% RH. Test conducted at 75F mean temperature. 2 Hinged every 24 inches 3 The surface temperature of Fanfold DWB shall not exceed 165F during installation or use. Fanfold DWB may not be compatible with certain PVC membranes. Check with the PVC membrane manufacturer for acceptability. Compliance with Standards: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Classified. See Classification Certificate U-350. OWENS CORNING FOAM INSULATION, LLC ONE OWENS CORNING PARKWAY TOLEDO, OHIO 43659 1-800-GET-PINK www.owenscorning.com Pub. No. 59332-F. Printed in U.S.A. June 2011. THE PINK PANTHER & 1964-2011 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. The color PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning. 2011 Owens Corning. Disclaimer of Liability Technical information contained herein is furnished without charge or obligation and is given and accepted at recipient's sole risk. Because conditions of use may vary and are beyond our control, Owens Corning makes no representation about, and is not responsible or liable for the accuracy or reliability of data associated with particular uses of any product described herein. Nothing contained in this bulletin shall be considered a recommendation.

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