Division 7 Ebook Page 358 FOAMULARŽ INSUL-DRAINŽ XPS Insulation Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet FOAMULAR INSUL-DRAIN Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation Board Energy-Saving, Moisture Resistant XPS Insulation Foundation Drainage Insulation with Filter Fabric Protection ASTM C 578 Type IV, 25 psi minimum Description INSUL-DRAIN board is a FOAMULAR extruded polystyrene (XPS) product that incorporates the features of insulation, drainage and protection board in a single product. It's easy to install, without the need for special tools or equipment, and the product's compressive strength and long-term moisture resistance properties mean years of reliable performance on below grade foundation walls even under extremely harsh conditions. Precision-cut channels drain water from vertical foundation walls while completing total insulation envelope. Durable filtration fabric prevents soil from clogging channels 48" x 96" size covers more square footage faster and minimizes joints between boards Acts as protection course for waterproofing membrane. Tongue & groove edges provide proper board alignment and helps seal joints Top-edge horizontal channel permits unobstructed water flow between vertical courses of boards High R-value, exceptional moisture resistance and high compressive strength of FOAMULAR XPS insulation UL Classified foam core meets ASTM C578 Type IV specifications Key Features Excellent long-term stable insulating performance of up to R-10.6 1 Exceptional moisture resistance, long-term durability Limited lifetime warranty 2 - maintains 90% of R-value and covers all ASTM C 578 properties The only XPS foam to be GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified SM. The only XPS foam with certified recycled content- certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to contain a minimum 20% recycled content Will not corrode, rot or support mold growth Zero ozone depletion potential with 70% less global warming potential than our previous formula Reusable Lightweight, durable rigid foam panels are easy to handle and install Easy to saw, cut or score Product Installation 1. INSUL-DRAIN board is installed against exterior below grade foundation walls. INSUL-DRAIN board can be installed directly over waterproofing or dampproofing membranes provided that the membrane is properly cured. 2. INSUL-DRAIN boards should be installed vertically with the fabric side away from the wall. Align the 4 ft. dimension along the horizontal wall and place the edge flush along a corner of the wall. INSUL-DRAIN boards should be installed so as to extend vertically from the top of the footing to several inches below finished grade. Properly sized gravel fill should be installed at least one foot above the bottom edge of the board. The fabric overhang along the bottom of the board should be tucked underneath to the backside of the board. Should the project require less than a full size 8 ft. long board, excess should be trimmed from the bottom of the board leaving a 3-inch fabric tab to tuck underneath. 3. A bead of compatible adhesive should be applied along the entire top edge of INSUL- DRAIN boards to secure top fabric overhang and prevent soil penetration into the drainage channels. 4. Adjacent INSUL-DRAIN boards are installed by engaging the tongue and groove edge to ensure a solid fit between boards.

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