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Over the years, Built-Up Roofing has earned a great reputation with building owners, architects, engineers, roofing product manufacturers and roofing contractors. It's not without reason. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) have conducted Project Pinpoint Surveys that show Built-Up Roofs have less defects than EPDM systems. And no lap defects, punctures or shrinkage problems were reported for BUR systems. Built-Up Roofing contractors and their roofers are trained professionals, committed to the BUR industry. They have the experience and ability to build you the best and strongest roof possible, and they choose Owens Corning Trumbull asphalt. The cost of a Built-Up Roofing system is minimal when compared to the cost of potential damage from a poorly installed single-ply roof. Major companies across the country have come to understand that the roof above is critical to protecting the business below. For more information about Built-Up Roofing and Owens Corning Trumbull asphalt products, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), visit us online at www.trumbullasphalt.com. Or, contact one of many hot BUR system manufacturers through the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association at www.asphaltroofing.org. A PROVEN TRACK RECORD IF YOU'RE GOING TO INVEST IN A ROOF, INVEST IN ONE THAT WILL LAST TRUMBULL ASPHALT FEATURES AND BENEFITS FEATURES Meets ASTM D312 Consistent high flash material Testing in each plant and at Summit, Illinois, laboratory Experienced staff of degreed chemists Nationwide manufacturing facilities Typical EVT shown on each carton and bill of lading for bulk shipments Printed cartons BENEFITS Each shipment meets the physical requirements of the specified roofing grade asphalt Proper temperature range needed to apply product safely at the EVT; flash points typically 50F to 75F higher than the 500F minimum All Owens Corning Trumbull products are assured to meet ASTM requirements Able to develop custom asphalt blends for special use Convenient, accessible availability from coast to coast Assures proper adhesion, water resistance and application rate Clearly identify manufacturer, type, flash point, typical EVT range, production location and production date

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