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A Built-Up Roof is a multi-layer, low-slope roof consisting of a base deck of metal, plywood or concrete, followed by a layer of rigid roof insulation, and covered with alternating layers of roofing felt and hot-mopped asphalt. This outstanding combination of high-tensile strength felt and water-resistant asphalt roof system provides a strong, long-lasting barrier of protection for your roof. When it comes to low-sloped roofs, BUR is by far the best choice: The strength to stand up to the elements The durability to stand up to the ultraviolet rays of the sun The proven, advanced technology of Owens Corning Trumbull asphalt LONGER SYSTEM LIFE The Owens Corning BUR system contains multiple layers of glass fiber reinforcement-more reinforcement than is found in many single-ply systems. This greater reinforcement provides longer system life. LIMITED ROOF MOVEMENT All roofs expand and contract. Single-ply roofs respond with elongation. Over time, these systems lose their elasticity, resulting in buckling, ridges and splits. An Owens Corning Built-Up Roof limits movement with high-tensile strength-more than the recommended 200 lbs./sq. in.The increased strength means the potential for fracturing is basically eliminated. SUPERIOR WATER RESISTANCE/LESS OPPORTUNITY FOR LEAKS Single-ply membranes only offer one chance at preventing a leak. Owens Corning BUR systems offer multiple layers of reinforcement, providing multiple opportunities to keep moisture out. The multiple plies are fused together using hot-mopped asphalt to create a monolithic barrier. Because traditional single-ply systems are laid loose, they require ballast or fasteners to stay in place. Ballast increase structural load and can be blown off by strong winds. Fasteners create stress points and additional opportunities for moisture penetration. But with BUR, every inch is securely adhered over the entire roof area, eliminating the need for ballast or fasteners. When you design a structure, you expect its roof to keep the interior spaces warm and dry. You expect it to resist exposure to the elements-the everyday and the severe. And you expect that protection to last 20 years. Hot Built-Up Roofing (BUR) using Trumbull asphalt offers that performance, plus increased durability compared to single-ply roofing. That's why Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt, LLC, recommends it as the best choice for commercial roofing applications. WHY DO WE RECOMMEND HOT BUILT-UP ROOFING? Reflective Roof Coating, Cap Sheet or Flood Coat and Gravel Asphalt Ply Sheet Cover Board Asphalt Rigid Roof Insulation Deck Surface THE BENEFITS OF BUILT-UP ROOFING

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