Division 7 Ebook Page 310 Trumbull® Asphalt Products

BUILT-UP ROOFING VS. TRADITIONAL SINGLE-PLY Single-ply roofs are more easily torn or penetrated. BUR has multiple plies to prevent leaks. Single-ply has only one layer to help prevent leaks. BUR Multiple layers and glass fiber reinforcement to help prevent leaks Multiple layers of hot-applied, water-resistant asphalt Difficult to puncture Sealed over entire roof area without fasteners Limits movement with high-tensile strength Easily repaired Holds up better in high-traffic areas SINGLE - PLY Single layer to prevent leaks, much of which is not reinforced No asphalt (EPDM, PVC, TPO) Easily torn or penetrated Often laid loose, requiring fasteners May allow movement, resulting in elongation Difficult to repair Not designed for high-traffic areas

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