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TruLo Lo Odor and TruLo Max asphalt- raising the roof on asphalt performance. TruLo Lo Odor is formulated with patent-pending technology to reduce odor, while TruLo Max uses dual- technology chemistries to reduce both fumes and odor. And because neither has to sacrifice performance in the process, you're guaranteed asphalt that's strong, durable and more technologically advanced than standard asphalt. Odor has always been a primary inconvenience when working with asphalt. Particularly when you're talking about sensitive jobs such as restaurants, schools or hospitals, where odors are especially unwelcome. As a result, those jobs need to be done off-hours to avoid complaints, leading to scheduling headaches and overtime pay. That's why Trumbull researchers worked to find ways to neutralize asphalt odor without compromising performance. From our high-performing PermaMop modified roofing asphalt to our TruLo Lo Odor, every asphalt in the Trumbull product line is now available with our exclusive low-fuming technology. In fact, Trumbull and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have measured up to 90% fume reduction at the kettle with the family of low- fuming asphalts from Trumbull. PERMAMOP MODIFIED ROOFING ASPHALT Low-fuming PermaMop * modified roofing asphalt is specially engineered to provide exceptional durability. This makes it an ideal choice for projects in extreme weather areas-whether it's heat, cold or moisture. PermaMop asphalt is also uniquely formulated so that it can be applied to any roof type, regardless of the slope. It has the softening point of a Type IV asphalt but with a lower EVT than any standard Type IV. It stays where it's mopped, even on steep-sloped roofing in intense heat. TRULO MAX When compared to other low-odor asphalts and additives, TruLo Max is 55% more effective at reducing odor-causing compounds, and able to reduce up to 90% of fumes at the kettle ** by forming a fume-suppressing skim layer on the asphalt's surface. With TruLo Max, you get more science and less smell. TRULO LO ODOR Welcome to the sweet smell of innovation. When compared to other low-odor asphalts and additives, TruLo Lo Odor is 45% more effective at reducing odor-causing compounds. * PermaMop products should never be heated above 450F. ** NIOSH Study. Kettle temperatures for TruLo Standard Type I-IV asphalt should not exceed 500F. We've been manufacturing roofing asphalt for over 80 years-experience we've used to create high-quality asphalt products. We double-check our products for consistent quality, testing them at our on-site plant laboratories and at our Summit, Illinois, tech lab. Our asphalt products meet ASTM D312 standards, including minimum softening points to help minimize the risk of slippage due to softening point fallback. We also use high-flash-point raw materials to provide added safety, and have widened the spread between EquiViscous Temperature (EVT) and flash point to support application, adhesion and water resistance. Standard PermaMop ASPHALT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE KNOWN FOR ITS ODOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FROM OWENS CORNING TRUMBULL ASPHALT THE OWENS CORNING TRUMBULL PRODUCT LINE MEETING INDUSTRY STANDARDS

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