Division 7 Ebook Page 287 Roofing Collection Product Guide

12 TruDefinition Duration Designer Colors Collection Shingles feature the high- performance and durability of patented SureNail Technology with Triple Layer Protection and excellent adhesive power. Plus, they boast a Limited Lifetime Warranty* / ** (for as long as you own your home) and can stand up to 130-MPH* winds. Whether you're looking to add more drama or a knockout new look, you'll be amazed at the difference that TruDefinition Duration Designer Colors Collection Shingles can make - they offer brilliant impact and curb appeal like you never imagined. And when exterior elements work in harmony, the look will be vibrant, cohesive and undeniably spectacular. Traditional Blended Owens Corning Hip & Ridge Shingles Hip & Ridge Shingles are uniquely color matched to the TruDefinition Duration Designer Colors Collection Shingles. The multiple color blends are only available from Owens Corning Roofing and offer a finished look for the roof. After with Storm Cloud Bright. Bold. Brilliant. The world is full of color. From the cars we drive to the appliances we buy, we have the power to choose the colors we surround ourselves with. If you're looking to make a truly vibrant impact, don't overlook the power of using color on the roof to help coordinate exterior accents like paint, trim and even landscaping. TruDefinition Duration Designer Colors Collection Shingles can bring it all together - helping to improve your structure's aesthetics and perceived value - with remarkable vibrancy and colors you won't find anywhere else. Before Tru Definition DURATION Designer Colors Collection Shingles ARCHITECTURAL

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