Division 7 Ebook Page 28 Insulation Systems for Commercial Buildings

INSULATION SYSTEMS FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS PAGE 23 GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS INSULATION SYSTEMS FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Owens Corning has a complete family of guide specifications for all of the products and applications shown in this catalog. The specifications are presented in the standardized CSI MasterFormat 3-part style which facilitates communication among architects, specifiers, contractors and suppliers, helping meet building codes, owners' requirements, timelines and budgets. The listed guide specifications are published in Owens Corning's Division 7: Thermal and Moisture Protection binder or can be downloaded at www.owenscorningcommercial.com. GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL INSULATION (07 21 00) FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation General Product EcoTouch Fiberglas Insulation General Product EnergyComplete with Flexible Seal Technology, Exterior Wall Air Barrier System WALL INSULATION SYSTEMS (07 21 00 AND 07 24 00) CommercialComplete Wall Systems Steel Stud/Masonry Veneer Insulation CommercialComplete Wall Systems Masonry Cavity Wall Insulation EcoTouch Fiberglas Insulation Exterior Wall Senergy , Sentry Stucco CI Wall System (EIFS) ROOFING/WATERPROOFING INSULATION SYSTEMS (07 22 00 AND 07 21 00) THERMAPINK XPS Insulation New Roof Construction, Below Membrane Insulation THERMAPINK XPS Insulation Tapered, Below Membrane Insulation DURAPINK XPS Insulation, Reroofing Recover Roofing Insulation FOAMULAR XPS Insulation PRMA, Horizontal Waterproofing Insulation EcoTouch Fiberglas Insulation Below Deck Insulation METAL BUILDING SYSTEMS (07 21 00) Optiliner Banded Liner System Metal Building Insulation ELAMINATOR Insulation System Metal Building Insulation System STEEP SLOPE ROOFING SHINGLES (07 31 00) Steep Slope Roofing Shingles ACOUSTICAL SYSTEMS (09 54 00, 09 81 00 AND 09 84 00) EcoTouch Fiberglas Insulation Acoustical Interior Partition EuroSpan Stretch Wall System Stretched Acoustical Wall Treatment EuroSpan Ceilings Ceiling System EuroSpan EOS Ceiling System Ceiling System EuroSpan Translucence System Stretch Fabric System

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