Division 7 Ebook Page 27 Insulation Systems for Commercial Buildings

PAGE 22 1-800-GET-PINK www.owenscorning.com ATTACHMENT SYSTEMS INSULATION SYSTEMS FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS The friction-fit characteristics of Owens Corning glass fiber insulation batts frequently let you install them without additional support. However, many applications of fiberglass and FOAMULAR insulation products do require support to maintain insulation position. The following list is supplied as a convenience to readers interested in learning more about attachment systems. ATTACHMENT SYSTEMS COMPANY PRODUCT TELEPHONE PNEUMATIC NAILERS AND STAPLERS Stanley Bostitch TU20-7, RN45B 1-800-556-6696 Linic Systems HT-550, HT-755 1-800-513-9918 Paslode 3150W16R, 3200W16 1-800-222-6990 Pneutek PT-79, PT-250, PT-300-I 1-800-431-8665 Senco PW, SJ10 1-800-543-4596 Spotnails HL1620, HL7616AP 1-800-873-2239 POWDER ACTUATED SYSTEMS Hilti DX-600N, XA41-X-AM72 1-800-879-8000 Pneutek FA-75, SA-45, SA-75W 1-800-431-8665 ITW Ramset/Red Head D60, SA270, 721, D45 1-800-348-3231 ANCHOR PINS, WASHERS, CAPS AND CLIPS AGM Industries Tactoo Insul-Hangers, Series T and Series TSA 1-800-225-9990 Buildex Tapcon Concrete Fastening Systems, HWH Teks/3, Gridmate 1-800-848-5611 Gemco Insulation Hangers, Self Locking Washers, Cupped Head Weld Pins, Weld Pins 1-800-331-1164 Wind-lock Products Steel Screws, Steel/Plastic Washers 1-800-872-5625 WIRE AND INSULATION SUPPORTS Moore Products Insulation Support Rods and Netting 1-800-241-5807 ADHESIVES OSI Sealants PL 200, PL Premium 1-800-624-7767 Foster & Childers Products Max Bond, 85-15, 85-120, 85-60, CP-56, CP-82, CP-85, CP-88, CP-89, CP-35 1-800-231-9541 Macco Adhesives LN-601, LN-604, Liquid Nails 1-800-634-0015 Tacc International MA-4062, DSA-40, PF-101 1-800-503-6991 3M Fastbond 42 NF Plus, 847L, 1357, 1870, 1300L 1-800-362-3550 Gemco Tuff-Bond 1-800-331-1164 This list is supplied for the reader's convenience. Owens Corning does not endorse or recommend these products. Contact the manufacturer for information on products and approved applications.

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