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Section Overview PRMA, Vegetative and Plaza Deck Insulated Roof Systems PRMA, Vegetative and Plaza Deck Waterproofing Protected roof membrane assemblies (PRMA) provide high value and long term durability on long life cycle buildings. PRMA roofs range in function from infrequently accessed stone ballasted systems, to paver/plaza deck walking surfaces, to fully landscaped vegetative roof gardens. PRMA extends the life of roofing components and reduces building maintenance costs by eliminating UV exposure and minimizing thermal cycling. Vegetative roofs are gaining widespread acceptance due to the practical, financial, and environmental benefits they provide. In addition to creating more usable landscaped space in the form of rooftop terraces, walkways, plazas and gardens, a well insulated PRMA vegetative roof assembly improves energy efficiency and reduces heating and cooling costs. In some instances vegetative roofs receive financial funding incentives from government agencies responsible for reducing environmental impact. Vegetative roofs provide a number of important environmental benefits such as reduced storm water runoff and sewer fees, they help keep contaminants out of lakes and streams, they reduce the urban heat island effect, and they improve air quality by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation for PRMA FOAMULAR XPS insulation products 404, 604, 404RB and 604RB are used in PRMA applications. Extruded polystyrene is the only insulation used in PRMA roof systems due to its excellent resistance to water absorption compared to any other type of rigid board insulation. Because the insulation is installed above the waterproofing membrane and is exposed to water through its service life, resistance to water while maintaining physical properties is critical. FOAMULAR 404 and 604 have channels cut into the bottom edges on all four sides of the board to enhance drainage at the board/membrane interface. FOAMULAR 404RB and 604RB have ribs cut into the top surface of the board in addition to the channels on the bottom. The ribs serve as drainage enhancement under pavers when the pavers are laid directly on top of the foam board. PRMA, Vegetative and Plaza Deck Above Deck Roof Insulation Vegetated Waterproofing System Plaza Deck/Paver Waterproofing System Stone Ballasted Waterproofing System

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